Simplify Your Life

"Simplify your life as much as you can during these early months of your baby's life. Relax your housekeeping standards. Graciously accept any help that anyone offers to you. (Repeat after me: "Yes, thank you, that would be nice.") Your first priority right now is to take care of your new baby. Martha Stewart will understand." ~ page 88 in The No-Cry Sleep Solution.

Luke asked me if he could loan the book to a co-worker. She is flying out to help take care of her grand-daughter and wanted to read the book ~ a book her daughter is also reading. She returned the book with a notecard. It said,

"...Also, on page 88 "Simplify Your Life," - maybe we can visit about how I might be able to "help" even if one day a week... I will call ya sometime about it - the Lord has put this on my heart and I will be blessed by doing His will. Sweet Dreams (hopefully)."

Yes, thank you, that would be nice!

I'll say it again.

Yes, thank you, that would be nice!

Help I need:

  • Meals

  • Meal planning

  • Laundry

  • Grading school work

  • Closet organizing

  • Shelf/desk organizing

  • Decluttering 

  • General housecleaning

  • Energy and motivation!

Let's just say that my house keeping standards are already a little (too) relaxed. Prayers appreciated.


  1. I'm so glad you will be getting a little help!!! I always find the first 6 months with a new baby are wonderful but very hard work. I wish I lived closer but I'm afraid cross world help is not possible. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so!!
    Luv Donna

  2. Glad to hear you're getting help and making changes to do what's best for all of you. I don't really know about all this, but I'd imagine you are at your most challenging time as a mother right now. You're right in the middle of the wonderful chaos of your oldest still home, your baby so little, and all of the demands of everything. You can do it... it must be a big challenge, but you can do it, with some help and prayers.

  3. :) "Yes, Thank you - that would be nice" :) This is key...and hugging your littles.....I know your hands are full, and you could use some sleep....Chel - I am hoping to see you soon! Much love... ;0)

  4. Sage words Mamma! Too everything there is a season. I have learned to say "no" (to projects and to MYSELF)and think in terms of my family unit. If what I am doing does not move toward our goal/call/mission as a family - I cut it. (So often it might LOOK like it does, but in fact it is busy work that sacrifices what my family really needs!) I simple say, "I am sorry, I can not. My family needs me." and " It is not best for our family in this season." (Even if I have to say it to MYSELF!) Every family is different, but we have decided to learn and move and grow as a unit. So we have given up a lot "indevidual good things" (where everyone feed's their own interests, talents and desires in 40 different directions or hobbies, sports, clubs, "entertainment", "lessons", etc) for "whole family unit better things" (where we encourage and hone our characters and gifts to focus on Kingdom living together.)

    If we do our job right...the day will come when they need us less and less and then hardly at all as they get their wings and start the cycle over again with their own families! What a shame it will be if we missed those years filling it with other things (distractions that pulled us away from one another). There is a time and a season for everything..that season will come...when we have LOTS of time on our hands to do "the other things". But in the end - even if we never got to do "XYZ" like we once thought we would, we will have NO regrets if what we DID do was invest our time in building Yah's family, cultivating our hearts toward HIM, developing our characters in Him, and (learning to) humbly serve others IN HIM. I must remind myself...I do in fact have limits so I must always keep those priorities at the top and let the rest fall away. For this, I will not regret. We (Ben and I) have to remind ourselves of this DAILY as we allow YHVH to order our steps. Our flesh is tough and our character is still being shaped in Him! (We have by no means "arrived"! We just move forward "from glory to glory" it is all we can do.)

    The baby years are like a vapor yet are so very very precious! A Yah given interuption to ourSELVES. (Halleluyah!) My baby (13 months)has just started climbing (EVERYTHING) this week and has been running around for 3 months. He is slowing starting to show some signs of seperation in nursing :-( and EVERYTHING is an opportunity for exploration. (Come on Spring...this boy LOVES the doors!)I love EVERY stage of childhood/parenting...but it does go so very FAST.

    I wish I were physically closer - I hope you know I would be there!

    I am praying Yah will send workers to help with your physical needs. I pray your hearts be open at this time to hear YHVH's voice guide you and your DH through your "restructuring" and determine what is best for YOUR family in this season and the precious many seasons to come. Be encouraged sweet sister!

    Much Love, p

  5. Simplifying is a beautiful thing! So glad that you will be getting some help. I had the hardest time getting my act together after the birth of baby number 2 - you amaze me with what you've done with six kids!

  6. You are such a good mama:)

  7. Thanks for sharing your heart and for being honest and real. It is ok to say "no" and to step back. We have pulled out of many things . . . and not everyone has understood. It is so important to stay grounded in the Word and keeping your focus . . . your priority. To date your husband and not see your kids as interruptions. I don't keep my house perfect either . . . but I do sit with my kids . . . that is what matters, and I know you know that. Thanks for reminding me to accept and {cough} maybe even ask for help. (Like next weekend when Brian is gone backpacking.) ANd remember, if you don't want to blog . . . don't! Toodles, friend. No worries if you go radio silent for awhile (on our blog, that is, not my email box!.


  8. Lovely post:) My d-i-l just had her second baby and she is of coarse a little frazzeled mostly due to lack of sleep. The words of others here are encouraging. It is true what mommysetfree says about this being a "season" in time that passes so quickly.

    May you be blessed with all you have to do each day.