If I could only tell you one thing about homeschooling preschoolers, I would tell you this:

Create a rich learning environment for preschoolers by providing daily experiences.

Daily experiences, along with language development, help little ones understand the world around them.
"Children learn best from discoveries they make when they playfully explore and interact with their world. When block towers tumble, children learn about stability and gravity. They begin to understand volume as they pour sand from cup to cup. They learn about properties of liquid through water play." ~Jill Frankel Hauser in Growing Up Reading.
I learned that if given opportunities to explore, children will make discoveries.

And what a wondrous age to be exploring and making discoveries! Children naturally learn through play and should be given ample opportunity to just PLAY! Through play, they will make discoveries that will have a lasting impression on them.

About 5 years ago, I stumbled upon Tumbling Over the Edge - a rant for children's play. This book had a profound effect on me! The title says it all. I found myself dreaming over this book about all the ways that I could help my children PLAY! Purposeful, meaningful play! I still dream. Then I came across the book Growing Up Reading: Learning to Read Through Creative Play. It became my hope that I would teach my preschoolers through creative, hands-on play. This is how I got the idea for Delightful Learning! In fact, I started my blog to share about our preschool journey.

How can I teach them through play?

Children can play and make discoveries on their own, but you can help this process by giving them language to describe their discoveries. If they build a tower of blocks, you can give them words to express how tall.  You can then help them to develop critical thinking skills by helping them to organize, make sense of, and use information they collect

In summary,
  • Let your preschooler make discoveries through play.
  • Give them language to describe their discoveries.
  • Help them make sense of the information they collect!
Tomorrow, I will share two very simple ways you can apply this principle using sand and water play! 
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  1. Oh I miss the preschool days! This is a great post, I used to be a preschool teacher in a very academic preschool, and this was something I was always stressing to stressed out parents :-)

  2. So true! I'm really looking forward to your series with this blog hop. Being intentional about giving the little ones exciting and real experiences and exploration is what it's all about!

  3. I can't wait for the rest of your posts!