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Homeschool Highlights ~ Weeks 19 - 21

We are about to make an about-face in our homeschool. Life changed so much when we grew by 2 feet! Boaz is a wonderful addition to our family and we are all so in love with him! But, I am feeling overwhelmed and ready to simplify my life. Needless to say, this will be my last weekly homeschool highlights post. I will share some of the changes we are making, but I am not sure when.

Days in School: 95 ~ just a little over half way. 85 days to go. I'll continue to keep track on a handy calender that I printed from Donna Young. I keep this in our portfolio along with course descriptions, samples of the children's work, etc. This is not required, but I do it anyways.


Biblical History/Grapevine: Ester, The 2nd Temple... we are almost done with the timeline! Which means we are almost through the Old Testament! It has taken us 2 years, but 2 years well spent! Only a few more lessons left and then we will review. I've decided to call this Old Testament Survey for Jordan's transcript. It will count as his 9th grade History. Luke is doing all the History readings (Victor's Journey Through the Bible, The Holman Bible Atlas, Who's Who in the Bible).  I enjoy listening to Luke read - he makes everything sound interesting. He reads the Bible like a story and pulls you in and makes you want to hear more.

Pop's also reading: Lady Carliss for the read-aloud.

Finished Unit 5, Chapter 4 Carbohydrates and Sugar and started Unit 6 The Endocrine System and Emotions. We have only one chapter left in the book!

For a cooking project, we made roasted brussels sprouts.

I never dreamed I would like these. I was forced made to eat them as a child once and they were so gross I gagged and threw up all over my dinner plate. I don't think I was made to eat them again.

They remind me of little cabbages, and indeed are from the same family. We roasted them with some olive oil, salt and pepper until they were dark brown.

The darker they were, the better! Yes, I actually liked them. (I must be getting old). The kids liked them too!

We also made a pizza.

Red tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, green avocado and lettuce, purple onion... the goal was to add colorful ingredients. We made a taco pizza. I had Nathan pick out the toppings - he is my most adventurous eater. He'll eat anything (that is food!). (Food, as in what the Bible says is food, that is).

We've been studying Latin.

We learned about Stuff.

The Story of Stuff Project:

The Story of Stuff, Where our stuff comes from and where it goes when we throw it away.
The Story of Electronics, Why "Designed for the Dump" is toxic for people and the planet.
The Story of Cosmetics, The ugly story of "Toxins in. Toxins out."
The Story of Bottled Water, How "Manufactured Demand" pushes what we don't need and destroys what we need most.
The Story of Cap and Trade, Why you can't solve a problem with the thinking that created it.

All this talk about stuff is makes me want to avoid the stuff-mart. I'm also getting rid of stuff. Spring cleaning starts early this year.

Boys finished Volleyball. Malachi finished Basketball. Chess Club started last week. Floor hockey starts this week.


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