Boaz ~ 8 Weeks

Another sick week in our home.

I found Dylan like this one day when he wasn't feeling well ~ he fell asleep rocking you to sleep.

Waiting for Mama. Such a pitiful look.

Mama has been sick too, but thankfully you are well and have been nursing and sleeping through it all - in my arms. Which means it has been harder to put you down. We will have to start over with our sleep training when I am well again.

 This was our second week of sickness so I quarantined the kids and banned all activities.  All of us cooped up inside with cold weather outside has made for a hard couple of weeks.  I'm still sick at the time of writing this (9 weeks), but I think the worst is over and no one else is sick.


  1. He looks like I want my food, where is my food!!

  2. I have been wondering about you guys, really concerned about your illness...pray you on the mend!

  3. ooohhh more sweet photos!
    sorry you are still not well, praying for health for you all!
    Luv Donna

  4. Bo's face is soooo precious! I hear you on the sickness thing . . . we had it too. Hope you get to feeling better soon! I so hope Boaz and Naomi get to meet this summer!