Boaz ~ 9 weeks {2 Months}

I was sick most of the week, so I took these this morning after your bath. 

I bought you a Lovie. A Lovie is a suggestion in the The No-Cry Sleep Solution and I bought this one based on my friend Susana's recommendation. It's as big as you, but I love that is is warm and cozy. When I am better, I will sleep with it between us so it smells like me. Then I hope you will want to snuggle with it during sleep/nap time. Now that you are two months, I will work on your sleep schedule and sleep training. I've never been good about getting my babies to sleep without holding or nursing, but you are already doing well. I can occasionally lay you down for a nap and you will fall asleep on your own - as long as the drier is running. 

You are cooing next to me as I type this. It is hard to not stop and smile at you. Your smile sure lights up the place. You are sucking on your fist - that little plump fist of yours finds its way to your mouth pretty easily, but I still give you a plug (pacifier). 

Today, you weigh 13 pounds 11 ounces. You have outgrown all of your 0-3 months clothes. You are all chubs and I love it! Little rolls on your arms, legs, neck... love it. 


  1. awww I love to see him grow so well...!! He is a cutie pie!

  2. I just want to squeeze him! ok kiss him too!

  3. He's getting so big so quick! What a cutie, absolutely adorable!

  4. ooohh such a sweetie!!

    We found the lovies didnt work with our bubbas when they were little, and Mira never really took to one, (think it is autism related) but Aurora now at 17 months LOVES the zebra lovie she sleeps with. Im glad to see you have a big one, we tried little ones at first but they were too easily lost or left behind. I hope the book is helping you settle Boaz into the routine that works best for you and your family. We plan on trying a lot of different things with this bubba too as after 2 really TERRIBLE sleeping bubbas we are ready for a good one! I think I will have to read the book again as its been a few years. Praying for health for you!
    Luv Donna
    PS He is SO sweet!!

  5. Awww, such a sweetie. I'm glad you're feeling better. Poor Dylan. That one picture was sad. One of my favorite pics of Bo so far is the one you chose at the side of your blog in the kid line-up. He is lying there just looking like a kiss and snuggle magnet.

    It's hard to believe Malachi is six! I bet he is a great kid.

    I wonder why I'm getting multiple posts in one email? I didn't get all the last three posts until today.

  6. Too cute! Sweet lovie! Do you think Bo and Eli look alike? I do! Time to go check on my teething baby! Have a good night!

  7. He is so adorable! He's a week older than my little one so its kind of neat to see how he's growing compared to her. She was 11lbs at her 6 week check up so she's a chunky one too lol

  8. So adorable! They grow up so fast!