Adventures in Reading with Zigzag Zebra {Review}

I started All About Reading Level 1 with Eliana a few weeks ago and since then we have been blending, counting syllables, recognizing vowels and consonants and reviewing phonogram cards with "Ziggy" as we "travel the world" in Adventures in Reading with Zigzag Zebra, a Ziggy game book.   

Adventures in Reading with Zigzag Zebra is a full color game book that features nine file folder games that reinforce the skills taught in All About Reading Level 1

The printing is done for you and the set up is easy. 

You assemble the games using the pages from the book, scissors to trim the pages,
 file folders and double sided tape or glue.
The pages are perforated, full color and include detailed instructions. 

Instructions and game pieces are stored in the front pocket. 

Each game begins with finding the traveling zebra. 

Where in the World is Ziggy?

Find Ziggy on the map! 

And then reviews a skill taught in the All About Reading Level 1 program.

Playing "Apples for Ziggy"

Feeding Ziggy the vowel apples. 

Looking at the phonogram tiles on the board to see which are which! 

Identifying vowels and consonants.

Playing "Ziggy at the Market" to practice identifying phonogram cards. 

Playing Treasure Hunt with Ziggy to reinforce the concept that every word must have a vowel.
(The red tiles are vowels and the blue tiles are consonants.) 

The All About Reading Level 1 manual lets you know when it is time to play a new game and many of the games can be played anytime after a certain level. 

Eliana has liked all the games so far. I liked the games that reinforce important concepts, but didn't particularly like the games that were just for reviewing phonogram or word cards (5 out of the 9 games), because simply reviewing them works for us. I really think the All About Reading program is fabulous as is!

I think this would be a great resource for a young learner who would benefit from the extra practice or just to engage your child in a fun way to review concepts from the All About Reading program!

See my review of All About Reading Level 1 and Level Pre-1 to see more All About Reading! 

Disclosure: I received The Adventures with Zig Zag Zebra game book for free from 
All About Learning Press in exchange for an honest review! 
All opinions expressed are my own.