My Father's Dragon {Read Aloud}

A book and a simple, memory making moment. . .

My Father's Dragon: Sonlight Core A Read-Aloud {Weeks 5-7}
A funny, nonsense tale in which a little boy (Elmer Elevator) stows away on a ship bound for Wild Island. Once on the island, he cleverly out-wits some tigers, a rhinoceros, a lion, a gorilla and some crocodiles, with ordinary objects, like chewing gum, pink lollipops, rubber bands, a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, magnifying glasses, and even a hair brush and colored ribbons! Packed with 25 peanut butter sandwiches, six apples, and the tangerines he collects on the island of Tangerina, he embarks on an adventure to save a baby dragon. 

Tangelos {a variety of tangerine}
This was a really fun book from Sonlight Core A!