Warm Summer Days

Summer around here is. . .

  • Running through the sprinkler

  • Having a water balloon fight

  • Going to the pool

  • Making homemade popsicles

  • Making smoothies

  • Doing sidewalk chalk

  • Blowing bubbles

  • Reading books

  • Riding bikes

  • Playing

  • BBQing

  • Going on a picnic

  • Going camping

  • Making s'mores

  • Going on an evening walk

  • Going on a hike in the mountains

  • Playing an outdoor yard game

  • Having a lemonade stand

  • Eating watermelon

  • Laying on the grass and gazing at the clouds

  • Rolling down a grassy hill

  • Watching the stars at night

  • Going on a nature walk

  • Wading in the creek

  • Tending the garden

  • Picking strawberries

  • Making everyday count

The nice thing about summer is just being and enjoying the warm weather. I am wondering if I need to be more intentional in doing summer activities, but for now, I am happy to be doing fun things centered around learning. 


  1. OH yes! The other night...I think it was Friday. After we had finished watering our gardens before sunset, we then all just went and sprawled out on the grass and enjoyed watching the stars come out. And the fireflies. And it was so nice just all of us lying there together. One of the things I ADORE about summer...

  2. The JOYS of summer....we are savoring the word relax -- if only I could...hehe!

  3. I've kinda scrapped my Summer Bucket List and am just winging it around here :-). Much more fun that way!

    Your list is beautiful, Michelle, lots of memories, nature and togetherness.

    I'm finding out 'intentional' isn't for summer :-). So, you're right on, IMO!