We Have a Diapered Baby!

I've never had a baby strip and run naked nudie around the house before and not keep his diaper on once I put it back on. But, Bo takes it off right away again and again.  I finally came up with a solution when he pulled off a poopy diaper and made a mess on the carpet. :-/

My solution:

A cloth swim suit diaper that TIES over his sposie! 

Let's hope he doesn't learn to untie it


  1. I have had alot of those babies that love to be naked. Thankfully KianAdley hasn't done that much..

  2. Bwahahahahaahahah! Hilarious! Justin love to be a nudist himself, but can't open his diaper unless his brother helps him...which has happened...LOL!

  3. Ella and Violet both did that when they were in their cribs in the morning. I couldn't believe how they got their jammies unzipped and diapers off. Eventually we had to put a safety pin through the zipper so they couldn't unzip!

    I hope the tie works! :)