Sonlight Core A {Weeks 2 & 3}

The first day of week 2, we did all the science in one day and that is all we did. We learned about weather, colored a rainbow, and made a rainbow fruit pizza (complete with a pineapple sun and a cookie cloud to show that a rainbow appears when the sun shines on water droplets after it rains).

Drawing the weather daily. 

Science activity sheet - rainbow colors and storms. 

Rainbow/Weather Fruit Pizza

Later in the week, we made rainbows outside with the sprinkler. 

For practical life skills, we focused on Emergency Preparedness and talked about what to do in case of an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, etc. We are also working on being able to recite our address, phone number and full name. I was happy to see Malachi - on his own - write his personal information out. He is starting to write more on his own and I couldn't be more pleased!

We finished our study of Tadpoles and Frogs (our day 5 science book) for our row of The Salamander Room.  We also did a nature study on lily pads. I was planning to move on to Caterpillars and Butterflies next week, but the caterpillars I ordered arrived and are already pupating, so we started this week. We also went on a field trip, had a party and finished our row! 

In History, we are learning about Ancient Egyptian culture (week 2) and Greek and Roman culture (Week 3). 

Read-alouds: We continued to enjoy The Boxcar Children. (Most of our activities involved food.) We finished the book, and eventually set up our refrigerator "boxcar," despite the 100 degree weather we are having. And we found a way to cool off to finish our "row" and the kids are already asking when we will read the next book in the series! 

Week 2, the much anticipated week to dig into Curious George, and the kids have finished half of it already! I put in the CD at bedtime and gave them the book and they were up pretty late listening to the story being read to them. When I checked in on them, they were crashed on Eliana's bed and in the morning Malachi said that they finished all the stories on the first CD. Good times. :) They have been staying up late reading anyways - Malachi reads to Eliana, it is so sweet!

No sleeping in for Malachi this week (2) - he had Y Soccer Camp all week! 

Waiting for his next round robin. 

Bible: I am slowing getting into the Egermeier's Bible Story Book. I loved reading the Family Time Bible with Core P4/5, but it has taken me a little longer to get into this one. Luke is so good at making Bible stories come alive with his "voices" and enthusiasm. Wish that was contagious!  He finished our Bible readings this week (2) and I would love it if he would get in the habit of reading Bible to Malachi and Eliana. (I did much better with Week 3!)

We memorized Acts 16:31 and Col 3:20, using Sing the Word A-Z and had to recite both the verses for A, B and C so we don't forget! Hopefully, we will be able to recite them all at the end. Jenna @ Delighting in Today (inspired by Jolanthe's ABC Bible Verse Cards) made ABC Bible Verse Cards to go along with the verses in Sing the Word A-Z. I still need to print and laminate them, but I think they will be a wonderful help!

LA: Malachi finished LA1 this week and started LA2. Eliana finished Lesson 16 in All About Reading and practiced writing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in handwriting. I really love how Jolanthe reuses workbooks was was recently inspired again by how Julie uses her workbooks so I had the binding cut off of her handwriting book so that Eliana can get lots of practice!  (And Bo can use it too!) I love it, and wish that I had done this sooner (like when I read about it 2 years ago!).  I have this thing about saving everything and I guess it has taken me this long to get over it!  I had a stack of workbooks chopped and three hole punched and are ready to go in cheap (74 cent) binders. :)  

Eliana's handwriting practice pages. 

Math: Malachi is working on hundreds, tens, and ones and adding without renaming in math and Eliana finished Unit 12: Numbers to 20 (place value - ones and tens) and started Unit 13: Number Bonds.  Math comes so easy to Malachi - he is easy to teach and he does well. I seem to have to have more patience with Eliana. . . patience truly is a virtue! 

Summer Fun: We are doing some old fashioned summer things too, like making s'mores, going on evening walks, riding bikes, tending the garden, barbecuing, and going to the pool. :) 

Isn't summer wonderful?!