The Homeschool Mother's Journal {Week 30}

In my {our} life this week. . . 

Week 30 {of the year}

My oldest is at youth camp this week at Rockaway Beach in Oregon. I know he is having a great time, learning a lot, and meeting new friends, but I am so excited to hear ALL about it and can't wait for him to get home! I just know that his week is going by much quicker than mine!

Dylan and Malachi attended Challenger Soccer camp this week.

Malachi and Eliana had their last week of swimming lessons for the summer.

Nathan got the "ok" to swim and started swimming laps this week, much to his delight! (He tore his ACL and lateral menisci this spring, and had to have physical therapy and 6 months of rehabilitation). He can now: ride his bike and run (on flat surfaces) and swim! He is antsy to play soccer again (his passion), and that will come soon enough.

I have been swimming, too. Feels good and is working my core (I've been so sore this week).

In our homeschool this week…

Core A Science Week 5 {Make a bottle garden}

I'm trying to savor the moments I have with just my little ones this summer, before school officially starts with the big boys. We took this week off of any "extras" and are just enjoying the books in week 7 (Core A) + basics (+ catch up on Science A). But, I'm going to spread week 7 out over two weeks so that I can row Duchess Bakes a Cake! (Week 7 covers the feudal system!) And I left all of those readings for next week. But, it is nice to now that if I just read Sonlight, and didn't row, it would be enough! and very doable! :)

Density Demonstration - General Science

Chemical Reactions

Dylan wrote an observation essay using his five senses for LA F Week 1. To do the assignment, he wrote an essay on his Chemical Reactions demonstration for General Science (Module 1). LOVE how that worked out!

Nathan is working on a character sketch for A Murder for Her Majesty. I picked up the book to read the first few chapters so that I could help him if he needed and I read the WHOLE book! (Finished it the next day). I think I can help him now, LOL. (This is a read-aloud for Core H, but he is doing the read-alouds as readers).

Both middle boys have started their cores (working on week 1), but we have not officially started school yet. Jordan won't be caught with a book in his hand until the last week of August, when he has to start!

Coming up. . . 

I still have our row of Truman's Aunt Farm to share with you and then I am planning to participate in the Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop in August.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

How about an amateur photog tip? Do you know how to pickle? (not sure if there is a technical term for this or if I will explain it the best, or that there isn't a better solution out there, but this has helped me sooo much!)

(This will work with your digital SLR camera.) 

Photo subject is too dark (too much background light)
  1. Point your camera to an area of the room that is darker (ie, away from the window). 
  2. Hold the shutter button half way down until it beeps (this reads the light and will take the pic based on this light, rather than the light from the bright window)
  3. Then focus on the subject and take the pic. 
Too much light?
Try again, if it is too bright. Pickle on another area of the room. 

Better. Not the best, but better. 

I learned this just last year (from a homeschool dad).  I don't have time to shoot manual and mess with my aperture settings, (and I don't like to use my flash) so this is a quick fix! 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We met a new homeschool family today. They came over to meet the kids and talk homeschool over lemonade! [squeal!]  I have a tendency to talk lots and fast when I am sharing about homeschool!  (Prayed for my passion to inspire and not overwhelm!) The time went by much too quickly. :) 

My favorite thing this week was…

Taking it easy!

What’s working/not working for us…

Boaz (19 months) is sooo busy, into everything, and/or wants me most of the time. This is fine if I am working in the kitchen, as he will play in the sink, play in the bean bucket, or fill containers with water from the Berkey (and spill it all over the floor - the only reason my floor gets mopped as often as it does, ha!) Nathan and Dylan are great to woo him outside to see the chickens or play in the water to give me a break or so that I can do school with Mali and Elli, but what will I do once school officially starts? Last year, each boy took a 30 minute rotation during the school morning, so that will give me 90 minutes in the morning once school starts ~ hoping that will work again! Thankfully, he takes a 3+ hour nap each day and will play in his crib when he wakes up!

Questions/thoughts I have. . . 

Thinking about what to do with the FI♥AR blog roll.  I'm not sure whether I should start a new one for 2012-2013 and have a new button made, or what!? Since most of the blogs on the blog roll do not link to the actual blog roll, I think I will start a new one, if I continue it. I was also thinking about doing a FI♥AR spotlight to shine the light on fellow rowers. But, I am not sure how much Five in a Row we will be doing this year or if I am the right one to do this. (I did not start the blog roll, but rather took it over for Tamara @ All of a Kind Family who is no longer rowing).  Thoughts?

I'm working on. . . 

Project Life {always} and getting ready for school to {officially} start.

I’m reading…

Read-aloud for Core A: Here's a Penny ~ sooo cute! Eliana asked if we could get two kittens for our "memory" for this book. ♥  Not sure I want a cat, let alone two right now, but I know how much she loves them and I want one for her. I asked her what she would name her kittens and she said, "I don't know." I said, "Well, that's three kittens: I, Don't, and Know."  She snickered that I didn't get what she meant, LOL, but of course I did and was just teasing her. :)

I’m cooking…

  • Crusty {No-Knead} Cheeseburger Bread (added burger, onions and cheddar to this awesome bread
  • Crock-pot potatoes for an easy meal (or easy fried potatoes)
  • Grilled chicken, corn-on-the-cob, green salad, and sliced cucumbers with fresh squeezed lime and sea salt {for Sabbath!}

I’m grateful for…
  • my husband's support in all that I do. 
  • answered prayer, even if the answer is no.
I’m praying for…
  • the opportunity to do 10 hours of clinical at the college so that I can renew my Dental Hygiene license. Praying the board will accept that as evidence of competency.
  • my husband to advance his career with the YMCA, even if it means staying where we are. . . or moving across three states. :)

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Did you see my redneck waterbed video yesterday? Someone stop me from making a bigger one!