Project 52 {Week 29}

Our Life ~ Week 29 ~ July 15th -21st

This week. . . (the 3rd week of July)

It's been a busy month!

  • swimming lessons continue

  • Nathan's physical therapy appointments are 2 days a week now and longer (missed his appt. with Dr. Quinn and rescheduled it for the 23rd).

  • we did some Sonlight and "rowed" Truman's Aunt Farm

  • Mali and Elli had their teeth cleaned and I looked into what I needed to do to reinstate my Dental Hygiene license (10 hours of clinical hands-on experience that I can do through the college as a student IF the Board will approve it + a $600 fee. Wish I would not have let it go 4 years ago!) 

  • Elli lost a tooth just before we left for the dentist ~ we thought that was funny. :) 

  • I got Jordan all packed up and on the road for Northwest Camp. So excited for him! So relieved for me! We had lots of last minute shopping to do to get him ready ~ dress pants, shirt and tie, belt so the pants fit, new underwear and socks, shorts and tops from Old Navy, flashlight, camera, sunscreen, shampoo, money for the road. . . he only forgot one thing - his sunglasses.

  • we visited the farmer's market (bought the kids a lemonade) 

  • we had an ant picnic party for our row of Truman's Aunt Farm

  • had a BBQ erev Shabbat meal of grilled burgers (organic beef which we don't buy often so this was a treat for us!), corn on the cob, potato salad and chips

  • had Sabbath at home (Luke did the kids' Sonlight Bible readings). :) 

One of those "Take my picture with Bo" moments!

Who just wants to eat his mini chocolate chips that I was trying to distract him with!

That's where all the pickles went!

{When I served the plate, there were only 2 pickles left, lol}

My burger with grilled onions, melted colby-jack, tomato,

pickle, lettuce, mayo, ketchup and mustard.  

Next week, Jordan is gone all week at camp, Challenger Soccer Camp starts, swimming lessons continue and I am planning to work on the house and take it easy! (School wise that is!)


  1. That burger looks really yummy (and I still don't think much looks yummy), can I come to your house for dinner?

    I hope you will take some time for yourself to rest this week!

  2. Bwahahah! I love the shots with Beau. He's like "just leave me alone with these yummy things". Those burgers look incredible! Do you grow your romaine or buy it? My grown romaine is sooo yummy, but it's not getting really bushy. Thankfully I planted a lot of it, so that's okay!

    I'm so very thankful we never have to buy beef. Being a 100% Grass-fed Black Angus cattle farm does have it's pros! I get the best meat ALL the time! LOL!