Project 52 {Weeks 27- 28}

Our life. . .

Week 27 ~ July 1st-7th

This week. . .

  • we went to the city pool 

  • we were invaded by carpenter ants and discovered they were nesting in the worm compost bin in the mudroom, UGH! Bad day!

  • So Nathan and I deep cleaned the kitchen for 5 hours on Monday and rearranged. We scrubbed everything! Floors, walls, trim, cabinets and moved the fridge, the pot rack and the wood block. 

  • Luke and I were married 9 years on the 3rd (he made me a sweet card with the kids' help).

  • we finished week 3 in Core A, had a Salamander Room party and went on a field trip to Reptile Gardens in South Dakota.

  • Dylan started General Science and Pre-Algebra 1 this week (gonna ease into it!)

  • I had a personal loss this week, but. . . 

  • life goes on.

Getting ready for our Salamander Room party

Bo giving Jordan "knuckles" before a bike ride with Pop

Week 28 ~ July 8th - 14th

This week. . .

  • we swam at the swimming hole at the river for some Boxcar Children fun

  • kids started swimming lessons (round #2)

  • I cooked and packed for a camping trip

  • Nathan went to his dad's for the weekend (Thurs. - Tues.) 

  • we broke down in the motorhome trying to get it to the property (took us 12 hours to make a 3 hour trip because it was so hot it vapor locked!)

  • camped at the property 3 nights, with company the first night, swam in the river and made s'mores

  • attended a wedding and Sabbath services in MT, then hung out at the park

Releasing the butterflies we raised

At Connor Battlefield campground, waiting for the day to cool (way better than being stuck on the interstate!)

Thankfully, Bryan (our mechanic) and his family were planning to meet us in Montana, and they followed us up. Some of their kids rode with us.

I really enjoyed riding in the motorhome up there (when we weren't broke down!). But, we decided to leave it at the property until next month since Luke will be spending a week up there over maintenance closing week at the Y. (Jordan drove the suburban with the trailer so he could bring Bryan's 4-wheeler to ride at the property, so we drove that home).

The park in Columbus, after Sabbath services. . . just hanging out.

Coming to me with an owie. :) 

In time out - her and Malachi both for arguing.

Elli looking after Bo. He's fearless! 

Then we headed back to the property to go on an evening hike, roast marshmallows and make s'mores.

Lots of trees down on the property ~ most trails were blocked by a tree at some point.

The spring is DRY.

These new trees look promising. :)

And we saw and heard more birds and other wildlife than years before, which is a good thing. 

Bo was not happy to be in the Ergo (the hood is to hold his head up) and cried for me on the way back

before he fell asleep. 

Look at those feet, LOL! 

We stayed three nights (the longest I've stayed since I got pregnant with Bo). I slept on the couch, Bo slept in the pack-n-play (until about 5:30 in the morning). I loved going to sleep early and falling asleep to candle light. And I loved how quiet and peaceful it was. It was hard at first to not hear the hum of the fan, and hear nothing but dead silence, and wonder if a bug is crawling on me, but I slept pretty good considering! 


  1. What beautiful moments with family, friends, and the Father's creations!

  2. What a joy to read! I just love the way you capture their expressions! Ugh. i hate the feeling of bugs in the dark. We went camping the 14-16th and I just don't like that creepy crawly feeling.

    Looks like you are having fun as usual! And I love Elli's dress! So pretty and girly!

  3. Love all the pics! Sweet family memories being made!