Eliana's Bike Crash

After the trip to the dentist to remove the small rocks that were imbedded in her gums. . . 





Poor girl!

The next morning. . . 




To cheer her up and for being SO brave at the dentist. . .

And a dozen popsicles later. . .  



She's looking much better today!


  1. Oh poor little angel!!! We will be praying for a speedy recovery.

    (I'm happy to see she got her two kittens, way to go mom!) :)

  2. I am so so sorry Eliana...sometimes life is this rough, but we dust off our self and keep going!! Lots of love sweetie!

  3. Oh no!! Poor girl! I keep waiting for Seth to have HIS big crash. He goes soooooo fast...I hope she gets better very quickly!

  4. Poor baby! Our Natalie is quite accident-prone and she got hit on the mouth with a swing when she was 4. Her gum looked like hamburger and a few teeth were loose for a while, but after a week of soft foods, she was much better. I hope Eliana recovers very quickly!

  5. Oh my! Poor thing. I keep forgetting to read here because the reader doesn't pick it up.

    ((((Hugs))) Please let her know that my daughter is praying for her.