Project 52 {Week 30}

Our life ~ July 22-28

The Homeschool Mother's Journal {Week 30} recapped most of our week. (I'll include these from time to time on my learning blog.)

Farmer's Market finds:

Kettle corn

another burger photo, lol ~ grass-fed beef on a homemade bun {for $5.50}

Mother - daughter aprons

Knit dishcloths in the same pattern I use!

(I can make 4 for the price of one, but they take me 5 or 6 hours to make, so this is a good deal!)

And, Eliana crashed on her bike at the end of this week. Luke took the kids on a Sabbath bike ride that ended up with an emergency trip to the dentist to clean rocks out of her gums, poor girl! 

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  1. Love those dishrags! They work soooooooo good! I would love to get some more!