Goal Setting for 2012

Personal Growth

  • 1. What healthy character traits would you like to see developed in your life this year? What are some specific steps you can take to develop these?

    • more prayer, study of the Word and fellowship (this is really on my heart)

      • join an online group Bible study (starts tomorrow) 

      • attend a church service (we have home churched for 6 years) We found a congregation to attend! 

  • 2. What is your plan for maintaining accountability for progressing in personal growth?

    • my husband

    • ?? Anyone want to volunteer?

  • 3. What are some of your learning goals for this year?

    • more Bible study

    • homesteading type stuff 

    • cooking with food storage

    • gardening skills

  • 4. What books would you like to read this year?

  • 5. What are some favorite things about your work? What changes can you make to make the less enjoyable things more enjoyable?

    • homeschooling, photographing, documenting and cultivating a good life are some of my favorite things about my work as a mom and wife. 

    • to make housework more enjoyable, I can eliminate stuff

    • to make feeding my family healthy foods more enjoyable, I can plan ahead and involve the kids more. I'd like to have the older boys take turns cooking one night a week.

Physical Health

  • 1. What is one area of progress you'd like to see this year for maintaining or improving your physical health?

    • exercise, walk, bike or swim (some of each, but not consistently)

    • lose 10 - 15 pounds (I've lost 5 pounds)

    • lose my baby belly (holding my belly in more, at least!)

  • 2. What are some tangible, daily choices you can add to your life that will improve your health?

    • drink more water (better about this in warm weather)

    • eat less refined foods (sugar/white flour) (doing better since June)

    • get enough sleep 

    • hold my stomach in 

  • 3. In what way would you like to be physically healthier by the end of this year?

    • I'd like to have more energy to enjoy my children and husband 

  • 4. What is your plan this month for starting this progress towards a healthier you?

    • drink more water

    • go to sleep by 10:45 (I'll shoot for 10:30 next month). (um, doing better, only a few late nights per week past 11:00)

    • eat only raw sugars and whole grains - you should of heard me singing "Back in the saddle again" LOL.  I started grinding our wheat again - no more white flour! 

Marriage and Family Life

  • 1. What are some goals you have as a couple to strengthen your marriage?

    • more time together 

    • regular dates 

    • better communication 

    • support / respect

  • 2. In what ways can you grow in intimacy with your spouse this year?

    • go to bed at the same time, make time to spend together, show affection, talk, dream together, do something that we both enjoy together

  • 3. What are your plans for having regular date nights? How will you handle childcare?

    • once a month, sitting at a table facing each other :) (Nanie's advice)

    • the older boys are old enough to babysit

  • 4. What plans will you make to pray and/or have "family meetings" together? What books would you like to read together this year?

    • we church at home (3 Sabbaths a month), so Sabbath is our family meeting, prayer, and Bible study time

    • Bible during school time. 

  • 5. What will deliberate family time look like this year?

    • dining together as a family, visiting and enjoying each other's company

    • soccer and bike rides to the park

    • hikes on on our property

    • fishing, camping, unplugging at the property

  • 6. Do you have specific planned vacation time in mind for this year? What needs to happen to make this vacation a reality?

    • Feast of Tabernacles at Big Fork, MT!!! 

    • Saving a portion of our income each month for travel and clothes. Someone offered to pay for our lodging and meals! 

  • 7. How is your current living space working for your family? Do you need to make changes to this?

    • This is going well, but since we have been in this house longer than any other, we need to declutter and minimize our belongings to make our space more enjoyable. 

Goals for Your Children

  • 1. What are ways you'd like each of your children to grow in the following areas?

    • physically ~ eating healthier

    • emotionally ~ more dad and mom time

    • relationally ~ getting along, respecting each other, encouraging each other

    • spiritually ~ that their faith become real to THEM

    • educationally ~ homeschooling with Sonlight! 

    • other ~ less electronics, more unplugging

  • 2. How will your children be educated this year? What are some resources you'd like to explore to help your children develop intellectually and academically?

    • Sonlight! 

Money Matters

  • 1. What is one specific area of progress you'd like to see this year in your financial health?

    • Saving/investing for property/homestead in Montana:

      • cistern $2,500

      • sheet rock, tape and texture $1,400

      • propane line ran $300

      • finish siding and soffit $400

      • start deck $500

      • solar $2000+

    • Budgeting for:

      • curriculum $3000

      • insurance $1500 (house and auto)

      • savings $3000 

      • trailer $1200

  • 2. How is your current income? In what ways can you make this increase?

    • I've been thinking about this in relation to my homeschool blog. My purpose has not been to make money, but I am blessed to be making some and I am wondering if I should be more purposeful in this area of blogging. My hearts desire is to share, be an inspiration and encouragement, and document our homeschool journey. I haven't compromised any of these things in my blogging and consider what I have made a blessing for doing what I love doing.  I think that in order to make more money, I would need to be involved in more social media, and I don't feel comfortable doing that (in that it would take up too much time away from my family). 

    • Luke is doing well with his job. So well that this is the main thing that keeps us from relocating. I talked to him about finding a job and renting a house in Montana close to our property so that we can be closer, and while I am sure that he could find a job (he is a hard worker and makes himself valuable wherever he goes), it may not pay as much or be enjoyed by him as much and in these times of financial insecurity moving does not seem wise. We received news this month that confirmed that Father is blessing him right where he is at. So, we stay. 

    • Luke applied for a job in the PNW. We are still waiting to hear, but it pays more and housing is more affordable. . . and there is a larger congregation there so our kids can have like-minded friends. 

  • 3. How much debt do you have? In what ways can you eliminate a sizable portion of it (or all of it) this year?

    • We don't have ANY debt. Sending up praises to Heavenly Father for guiding us in this area.

  • 4. How is your savings account? In what ways can you save money this year?

    • Our primary savings (cash on hand) is depleted since we just used it to help Jordan buy his truck. It will be replenished by the end of summer as all that he pays back will go right back into savings. (We will not be charging him interest, of course, per Biblical law). (This  has been paid off!)

    • The money we had set aside for the property in 2011 was spent on the property - insulation, sheet rock and a new chainsaw for cutting down trees. 

    • We will leave our usual $ buffer in our account (try to, anyways!)

  • 5. What are some of your long-term financial goals? 

    • Investing in our homestead and food storage, growing more of our food, upgrading vehicles (upgraded Suburban, Luke's truck is next), remain out of debt, finish the house. 

  • 6. Are you giving regularly? If not, in what way can you give financially this year?

    • We give as we see a need, but I realized that giving is not as easy when people don't make their needs known. When they do, we make an effort to give.  We also give just to bless others. We have some ministries that we support annually and will continue to do so.  Our goal is 10% each paycheck. We give at the Feasts now (United fund), and to our local fund as well, now that we have a congregation to attend. 

  • 7. What is your plan this month for starting progress towards better financial health?

    • Budget and stick with the budget.

    • Continue saving receipts and track our expenses.  (stopped doing this - too many receipts!)

    • Less trips to the grocery store. 

    • Consume less. Produce more.  

Relationships Outside the Home

    1. In what specific way would you like to grow in relating to your friends this year?

    2. What are some ways you can be of service to your immediate community?

    3. Who are some specific people in your life that can use some encouragement? What will you do to encourage them this year?

    4. Who are some people in your life that you admire? What are some practical ways you can positively use their influence in your life?

    5. Are there any damaging relationships in your life? What will you do this year to make these relationships better?

I don't know that I have a word for 2012, but I am going to be thinking of one.

Special thanks to Simplemom.net for the Goal Setting Questions for 2012.