Plastic + duct tape + water

= a homemade waterbed {aka "Redneck" Waterbed!} 

Thanks to Play at Home Mom for the inspiration and W@lm@rt for being out of heavyweight premium vinyl, forcing me to buy the cheap plastic vinyl (99 cents a yard) to cover my table, which would not work at all. So, rather then let the 9 foot long vinyl go to waste, I grabbed the duct tape and made a homemade waterbed! Ours was much smaller at 4.5 x 4.5 feet and water dripped from several spots along my tape job, but overall this was a huge success for spur of the moment and free! (See video below!) 

Malachi is learning about adjectives and smilies in his language arts, so I took this delightful learning opportunity to have him describe how it feels and how it sounds using smilies.

Perfect fun for a hot day! 
Then they all got on. (Nathan got off when I brought out the camera). 

I think I had as much fun making the following video as the kids had playing. :)


Cassandra said...

This water bed thing looks awesome... so cute to see your kids so little! :D Where does time go? xo

Michelle said...

Right? ♥ The kids ask me to make another one every summer and I keep thinking I will :)

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