Back to Tot School!

Tot School ~Eliana is 3 years old~

We have been on a break from Tot School for the past 2 months. During this time, we have been reading books, watching signing time videos and doing a few activities here and there, but mostly we have just been playing. This is our first week back (as planned) and I have so enjoyed playing with her during our Tot School time, but I have no idea how I am going to incorporate it into our week again! I managed to get just one day in this week.

Here is what we did:

Lacing Buttons

We managed to kick off our first week back to Tot School with a fun review and giveaway for some colorful lacing buttons.

This was the highlight of our week!

Tot Trays

While we were on break, I ordered two sets of colorful trays from Oriental Trading and was ambitious enough to clean off 2 book shelves to use for Tot School. It has been hard to not let stuff accumulate on those shelves. I have to do a hot spot fire drill almost daily to keep it clean, but I am afraid I am losing the bottom shelf. I am still hoping to set the trays up for Tot School like we did this week. I will not be able to leave them out, but I will set them up when it is time for playschool and then let her choose.

After the lacing buttons, her next pick was to color with her Kumon "Let's Color!" book. She picked out several that she wanted to color . . .

. . . and wanted to cut them out too. Cutting reminded her of her of her Kumon "Let's Cut Paper" book, so after coloring a few pages, she decided she want to cut. I am glad she is interested in cutting. I'll never forget how my oldest did not like to cut, even at preschool age. I think it is a tough skill to learn!

Signing Time

She has watched the Baby Signing Time videos over and over (and over and over . . . ), and has moved on to the Signing Time videos. She amazes me with her signing vocabulary. She knows more than the rest of us do. Although it is very funny because when she doesn't know a sign for a word, she will make one up! ha, ha. The funny thing is, that while they may not be correct ASL, they do make sense.

Here she is reviewing with the DVD and flashcards.

Her absolute favorite has to be the Silly Pizza Song. She can sign some of it, but it is a very fast, and very silly song. When she can sign about half of it, I will video her signing. Right now, she is sitting next to me with the portable player watching My Favorite Things ~ what she calls the "Rainbow" one. This is actually perfect because I want to do the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Tot Pack with her next.

A Special Visitor

Before I go, I want to share a picture of a very special visitor we had this week. This is Elli with her great grandma, Nanie. Nanie is visiting from Idaho, since she recently became a widow. It is helping her to be away for a while visiting with her "great grandies," as she calls them. While we miss Papa too, we are happy to have Nanie here with us for a short time and we will have a special celebration of Papa's life this summer when everyone can make it to Idaho for a reunion.

Elli loves chickens, and I think this endears her to Nanie, who also loves chickens.

We all went on a 2 mile nature walk and Eliana and Nanie kept up with the rest of us the whole way. I think I was beginning to tire before they were. I love this picture. Eliana and Nanie are both the only girls, the youngest in their family, and both have 4 older brothers. Aren't they both so cute?