Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Tot School
~Eliana is 36 months~

. . . I see a little girl {in Tot School} looking at me. Little girl, little girl, what do you see?

She sees:

Cutie Peeling

Peeling clementines is a great skill for little ones, they peel so easily and offer a sweet reward when done. Elli loves these and was always asking me to peel one for her. One day I had my hands full, so I asked her to peel one herself. I "start" it for her, and she can peel it all by herself. The little stinker learned how to start it all by herself and has been caught sneaking them from time to time.

Dot Painting

I bought these dot painters from Oriental Trading. I had no idea what to fill them with, so I used concentrated water colors and added water. They worked fine until she pressed on them and all the watercolor came out in puddles. What I thought was a failure turned out to be a great activity. She loved mixing the colors and played until she tried all of the colors. She also got some great motor skill activity by screwing and unscrewing the caps.

Color, Cut, Sticker and Paste

Heads and Tails

I think they both had fun with that one!

Big Bear, Little Bear

Biggest, Bigger, Big, Little, Littlest ~ I think she has this down pat.

Coloring Animals

I thought it was so sweet that Mali wanted to do school with Elli.

And I love her little tongue sticking out. So cute!

Signing Time

Elli is showing the sign for bear (like a bear hug). *Ü*

Elli also watched Signing Time Volume 6: My Favorite Things DVD ~ she loves the "Rainbow" song and is learning the signs for colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and rainbow.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Puzzle

And, of course, they watched Brown Bear, Brown Bear being read aloud. They loved this!

Elli also did the Little Dover Amanda Dress Up Doll (I love those little books as they are only $1.50 and so cute) and she drew pictures in her little notebooks. The supplies on the middle bottom tray were for homemade play dough. We had all the supplies set up in the kitchen and Elli opened the food coloring to "taste" it. Yikes! You can imagine the mess of food coloring on her face, in her mouth and on her dress. I tried to rinse as much out of her mouth as possible (okay, we don't even eat that stuff normally) and I had to take her dress off to soak it. And, well, we didn't end up making play dough that day.

So, here is how I will (hopefully) be posting for tot school - these are all activities that we did last week. The tot school activities that we did this week will be posted next week. So in a sense, I will not be blogging "in real time" but I think this is the best thing for me and my family. By giving myself a week to upload pictures, edit and post, it is more enjoyable and can be done at my leisure. So, keep that in mind when/if you read my tot updates. *Ü*

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