What About Socialization?

Well, what about it? was my first thought. Nevertheless, I will give my short take on the "issue" of socialization among homeschool students. In short, it is not really an issue at all. I learned early on that it is not about what TO do when it comes to social opportunities and homeschooling. It is about what NOT to do. Our first years of homeschooling were flooded with social opportunities and we did all that we could. We were involved in anything that came our way, and initiated activities ourselves, just to make sure that we were given a social outlet. (And I do mean we). However, there came a time when I realized that quantity is not the answer to the socialization question. I believe that we need to guard our time as homeschoolers more than we need to worry about socialization. It is easy to get carried away being too involved outside the home. So, the "issue" of socialization is not really an issue at all. There are plenty of opportunities to involve our children socially to the point that we can do too much.