Instant Challenge #8 Solutions: Hide and Seek

The Scene: You are a team of highly distinguished private secret agents. Your client has given you two difficult tasks.

Challenge: Your team is to decide on something that would be hard to hide along with something that would be hard to find, and then present a PERFORMANCE in which you hide the thing that would be hard to hide and find the thing that would
be hard to find.

Time: You will have up to 5 minutes to use your IMAGINATION to plan your PERFORMANCE. You then will have up to 2 minutes to present your PERFORMANCE to the Appraisers.

I am posting the linky to the current challenge, but not our solution. I will post our solution (sometime this week, I hope). I will post the new challenge next Monday. I see that some of my readers are doing past challenges, and I encourage you to do so! I am leaving the past linky lists open if you would like to link up. Please leave me a comment when you do, so I can check out your challenge! (I have no way of knowing if someone signs a linky).

I am still encouraged to keep up with the challenges. Instant Challenges promote critical thinking, creativity and the ability to solve problems quickly. Skills I want my children to have! They also promote other valuable skills, such as:
  • The ability to assess and use available materials in creative ways
  • A knack for improvisation
  • A collaboration of efforts
  • Their engineering skills
  • A flair for performance
  • Time-management strategies
  • Teamwork

Just my little reminder of why we are doing this!