Hide and Seek ~ Instant Challenge #8

We had a lot of fun doing our first hybrid challenge, (task and performance based) so I took the plunge and went for a performance based challenge this week! That means we will be doing some improv acting with some imaginary props!
Tip of the Week:

The following tips from MT DI give us some suggestions for successful performance based challenges.
When performing, encourage your children to include any of the following:
  • singing, sound effects, miming, rhyming, dancing, etc.
You can also encourage them to enhance their characterizations through the use of:
  • Improv, Mime, Body Language, Stage Presence and/or Voice Alteration.
When brainstorming a solution to a performance-based instant challenge, they should make sure they consider the following areas of Story Line Development:
  • Situation, Conflict, Resolution, Beginning-Middle-End.

So, here's my tip:
  • Have a session where you go through each of these topics just before the challenge to get their creative juices flowing.
  • Have them sing a tune about any object they choose.
  • Let them have fun with sound effects.
  • Encourage them to mime or give gestures when they describe their object.
  • Have them think of 3 words that rhyme with their object.
  • Have a fun session on alliteration.
  • Let them get into character and practice with different voices.
  • Encourage them to open up and not be shy!
  • Most of all, have fun, get creative and get ready to meet the challenge!