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Instant Challenge #8: Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

The Scene: You are a team of highly distinguished private secret agents. Your client has given you two difficult tasks.

Challenge: Your team is to decide on something that would be hard to hide along with something that would be hard to find, and then present a PERFORMANCE in which you hide the thing that would be hard to hide and find the thing that would be hard to find.

Time: You will have up to 5 minutes to use your IMAGINATION to plan your PERFORMANCE. You then will have up to 2 minutes to present your PERFORMANCE to the Appraisers.

Thing that would be hard to hide: chewed bubble gum.

Thing that would be hard to find: a place to hide their hard to hide object (the bubble gum).

I thought they were especially creative in coming up with their objects. I think chewed bubble gum would be hard to hide, especially, if you wanted to chew it again! Which made finding that hard to find object, someplace that they could park their gum until later, a little bit of a challenge.

The private secret agents meet up at a restaurant (in the middle of nowhere) ~ that doesn't allow gum chewing. They end up finding a toy car (think Matchbox car) that some kid left behind to stash their gum before the waitress sees it. Then one of them sits on the car to hide it. Then they dig the gum out of the car to chew it again.

I think Dylan did a great job in the corner as a narrator and sound effects guy. If you listen closely, you can hear several sound effects such as whistling, car sounds, gum smacking, and more. They also did a great job of dividing up the roles, so that everyone was doing something. I loved their creativity and willingness to do a little impromptu!

(I made the mistake of telling Elli to clean up her mess right before we started filming, so she is a bit of a distraction at the beginning).

They had fun with this one, got a few laughs out of it, and scored the highest points yet, so I'd say it was a great challenge!