The Winter Journal: Entry # 4 ~ Winter Tree Study

For our winter tree study, we focused on the flowering crab apple trees and the willow tree in the front yard. I love watching the trees change through the seasons and I am excited to see my children capture those changes. I think each child will see it a little differently and that should make this a fun study. We can see these trees from the picture window in our living room, so on really cold days, we will sketch from that window. Right now, the snow is almost all melted and the tree hangs bare, except for a few leftover dried up crab apples waiting to be snatched up by the squirrels and some dried leaves still hanging on.

The following picture was taken near sunset.

The contrast of the white bark of the willow tree in this next one made for a pretty black and white picture.

View of the Willow from the front porch, Sketch by Nathan, age 11:

Two flowering crab apple trees grace the front yard by the street. They are so pretty when they flower in the Spring.

Flowering Crab Apple Sketch by Jordan, 13 years old:

Flowering Crab Apple Sketch by Dylan, 9 years old:

We enjoyed a nice 2 mile nature walk yesterday. We focused on winter weeds and more, but will have to share that in a future post.

As much as I have loved the nice weather we are having, I am looking forward to the snow we are supposed to get over the next few days. We started the winter series on snow and we need a bit more of it to finish all that I wanted to do.