O is for Owl Babies

~Mali is 4 years 10 months~

This is our last letter in our Alphabet Fun series!  Since this is our last letter, we kept it real simple. :-)

For our Alphabet Fun with the letter O, we read Owl Babies, by Martin Waddel, made an owl craft and an owl lap/scrap page. (All links are below).

The Owl Craft:

A simple craft made with paper plates painted brown, a beak and feet cut out of orange card stock and large googlie eyes!

The lap/scrap book:

I ended up assembling this whole lap/scrap page myself. Mali was interested in the owl poems and songs and reading the story mostly. So, I just read the mini books to him, talked about the story and sang the songs.

Now, I get to take all the crafts and photos from our early lessons and make scrapbook pages for them and compile them all into a preschool memory album for Malachi. Preschool for Malachi has been a learning through play adventure full of hands on, natural learning. I wrote this when I first began, so will just quote myself to wrap up my thoughts on our journey.
I love natural learning. I love teaching when children don’t realize they are being taught. That is my goal and my passion in my homeschool. Learning to read through creative play is my vision for my preschool program that I am creating for my soon to be 4 year old son, Malachi, and his soon to be 2 year old sister, Eliana, who will play along and probably learn more than I can imagine.
I hope that I have made learning a "delight" for him. And I hope that our focus of creative play has given him a foundation for what's to come! At this point, I have no further preschool plans, and I am still working on a plan for Kindergarten. We actually finished up this lesson awhile ago, but I am just getting around to posting it. Since then, Malachi has been playing like a little boy. He has forts and bases set up for his army guys all over the play room, in the hall, and into the other bedrooms on a daily basis. I am amazed at how well he and Elli are playing together and for how long (hours!). Since we schooled all summer, this is a good break for him (and me too!). He turns 5 in a couple months so I am thinking we will begin our new lessons then.

Delightful Owl Links:

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    I have grown so fond of Owls since blogging...all the wonderful Owl crafts around have inspired me, so this post grabbed me. I love the tree and the owls sitting on the branches... Thanks for all these links too!

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