Online Math Practice ~ MathScore

Do your kids have a high score when it comes to their math facts? Do they practice daily if they don't? Learning math facts does not come easy for some children. And not knowing math facts can slow a child's progress and discourage him or her from liking math. And there is only one way to learn them. Practice. Practice. Practice. Daily Practice.

We recently we began using an online math practice and assessment program called MathScore . I will share a little about it and then tell you how it is working for us.

Students beginning in first grade (and maybe even a little younger) are guided through an online math practice program that prepares them for Algebra. To maximize efficiency, students are encouraged to begin with the CopyCat feature, which is a way for students to learn to type quickly. Then students are encouraged to master Fast Multiplication, Fast Division, Fast Addition, and then Fast Subtraction. They are able to track their progress using the Statistics feature and are encouraged to do the other topics in order to gain the maximum benefit of MathScore, although they can skip around if they want. MathScore also has a free math facts worksheet generator that is customizable to your needs. MathScore believes that the best way to learn is to practice with old fashioned timed math tests. However, the online math worksheets "automatically adapt difficulty based on performance, enabling students to learn math much more efficiently than they would be able to do otherwise using paper-based math worksheets." It also saves a parent the time it takes to grade those worksheets! A sheet of scratch paper is all they need to work out the answers. While MathScore was not intended to replace instruction, according to MathScore, every math topic comes with a mini lesson so a parent could use it as a complete curriculum for their child. Price: MathScore subscriptions are available in several options. Basic pricing is:
  • First Child - $14.95/month
  • Second Child - $5.00/month
  • Each additional child account - $3.95/month
With the use of a coupon, you can get the first month for $9.95/month with the first two weeks free. There are also bonus price options (click on price options) that are available if you purchase multiple months in advance. My thoughts: My first thoughts were that this program is all math and no frills and very much resembles a "worksheet" full of math problems. For children that are easily distracted with color, graphics and the "frills," I think they would do well with this program as the old fashioned method of timed tests for mastering the basics works for many students! It is hard enough to get my boys to want to do math as it is and while I thought this would have been good for them it was difficult to get them to want to do this (at first) because they like the frills when it comes to math. And I admit, that I was not that impressed with MathScore (at first). But, then I asked my husband (who is such a routine guy) to get the kids in the habit of doing it in the mornings for 10-15 minutes. Because my boys are challenge oriented, MathScore is growing on them. It is challenging them to improve on their math "score." And my husband likes it because it is no frills. Each category they complete gives them points towards a higher rank and this motivates them to want to continue. So while it may be "no frills" math practice, it is still motivating for competitive boys. Plus, MathScore sends a daily report of student activity that includes:
  • topics covered
  • rating
  • points earned
  • overall accuracy
  • percentage
  • number of worksheets completed
  • worksheet time
  • engaged time (time spent on relevant work)
  • idle time
This is a great way to track daily progress and how hard they worked. I can see how I "judged a book by its cover" when I first began to review this and I am so glad that I gave this an honest try because my boys are happy to have it a part of their school routine. And I love that it is such a "mother's helper" when it comes to math practice. Having an online math practice program is convenient, saves a ton paper and ink (and your time), is adaptable, does the grading for you and then updates you on your students progress. You can see for yourself if this might be something that would work for you by signing up for a free 2 week trial. I think for math practice to be successful, it has to be a daily effort and MathScore takes the effort out of daily. See what my crew mates think of MathScore or click on the banner below to visit the Crew Blog.

I received a free subscription for the purpose of this review and no further compensation was received and I offer my honest opinion. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.