A Mouse House: Instant Challenge #7

I am excited to get back into a weekly challenge. With my computer failing (that is what you call it when a Mac crashes), and then taking time to move my blog, I have missed our weekly challenge.
And I am excited about this weeks challenge because it is not only tasked based, it is also performance based! That means your child gets to build something and then do a little bit of acting!
A Mouse House IC #7

I shortened the printout to just 2 pages this time, but I noticed that I forgot to take off the page number on the last page, so just ignore that. Instead of making a parent and student copy, I just provided a student copy. Use that to read the challenge to your students and then hand them the challenge to use as a reference.

I don't have a tip this week, except to encourage you to help your children be enthusiastic about the performance part. It is okay to be silly, creative and persuasive at the same time. This should be a fun one!