Instant Challenge #7 Solutions: A Mouse House


A Mouse House

Challenge: Your TASK is to create one room of a house for a mouse. Your team should then present a PERFORMANCE in which you show the Appraisers (your parents) the room. {Our first hybrid challenge!}


  • 6 Paper Cups
  • 4 Paper Clips
  • 1 Rubber Band
  • 1 Piece of Cloth
  • 2 Envelopes
  • 1 Paper Bag
  • 1 Paper Plate 1 Can
  • 5 Mailing Labels
  • 3 Cotton Balls (we used pom-poms because I couldn't find cotton balls)
  • A piece of paper and a sharpened pencil also will be available for your team to use as you plan and present your PERFORMANCE. The set up consists of a table with the materials.
You will have up to 5 minutes to use your IMAGINATION to create the house and to practice your PERFORMANCE. Your team will then have up to 2 minutes to present your PERFORMANCE.

The Scene:

Your team is a group of mouse realtors who are trying to create the perfect house for a mouse. During your PERFORMANCE, tell your audience the purpose of the room and tell them why you think a mouse would want to live there

A little about their Mouse House:
  • A pantry/bedroom with a sunroof for a warm place to sleep and lots of food (the paper plate is the sunroof and the pom pom balls are the food)
  • French (Victorian style) doors (the envelopes secured with a paperclip)
  • Decorative pillars (the cups)
  • Wall to wall carpet (the washcloth)
  • Brinks home security system (don't have to worry about cats).

The Cast of Realtors:
  • The Wigglefinger Bros. Realty ~ Phil, Dean and Murphy Wigglefinger

A Mouse House ~ a video of their slightly awkward performance.

Scoring: (They scored themselves)
  • A. 10/10 points for the creativity of the purpose of the room.
  • B. 15/30 points for the creativity of the use of materials.
  • C. 20/30 points for the creativity of their PERFORMANCE.
  • D. 5/10 points for how persuasive their PERFORMANCE is.
  • E. 15/20 points for how well their team worked together.

Mali's Mouse House *Ü*

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