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I mentioned earlier that I had a Tot Review coming up and I am so excited to have received Learning Resources Attribute Lacing Buttons for review from CSN Stores. I selected these from many fun and educational toys in the Learning and Exploration line of products at Toys and Games Online. I was sure that Eliana would be thrilled with my selection.

While I received this product for free for the purpose of this review, and no further compensation was received, I was really impressed with how fast and friendly customer service is and would not hesitate to shop from them again.

I kept them hidden in the box until it was time for Tot School. Then placed them with several trays for her to choose from . . .

. . . she was so surprised and was excited to pick the brightly colored lacing buttons.

Although I had several activities in mind (think sorting, patterning, stacking, and lacing), I let her explore on her own at first.

Button sewing is one of my favorite Writing Warm Ups because it helps to strengthen the eye-hand coordination and fine muscle control needed for writing. And these buttons are perfect for that! Geared towards ages three and up, the buttons come in various sizes and shapes that are perfect for little hands.

They provided just the right amount of challenge for her. (I can tell when she is challenged because she scrunches up her eye brows in concentration.)

I loved how thick, chunky and colorful the buttons are.

For this next activity, I had her string the buttons to make a necklace.

Then I challenged her to make a tower with the buttons.

The Attribute Lacing Buttons are a set of 48 buttons in 4 colors, 3 shapes and 2 sizes and include 4 - 36" laces. I think these are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Here are some of the suggested activities:

Sorting Activities:

  • Colors and Shapes
  • Big and Little
  • By number of holes
Patterning Activities:
  • Color Patterns
  • Shape Patterns
  • Follow the Leader (have your tot challenge you to complete the pattern they create!)
The Attribute Lacing Buttons are priced at $16.95. I think these are a great tot tool to have around! Thanks to CSN for the opportunity to review these!

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