Automobile Study Lapbook

This morning we made made an automobile lapbook for a study of automobiles. What is a lapbook? "A Lapbook is a proven method of enhancing, creating and displaying a summary of what a student is learning and has accomplished during a particular unit of study," according to Knowledge Box Central. This lapbook consists of 21 mini books that fold open to reveal information underneath. The mini books cover information such as early automobiles, Karl Benz, Model T Ford, how the engine works, car systems, driving a car, car safety, car parts, problems caused by automobiles, hybrid automobiles and more! We made it on 12x12 scrapbooking pages so we can put the finished book into our homeschool scrapbook.
Some interesting facts we learned:
1. The word "automobile" means "moving by itself."
2. The earliest automobiles were driven by springs or by steam engines.
3. Karl Benz built the first gasoline powered engine.
4. Benz's car had a top speed of 14 mph!
5. The Model T was the first "affordable" car.
6. The first American car was called a "horseless carriage."
7. Early drivers faced many problems without paved roads. Often they would get stuck and a horse-drawn-carriage-passerby would shout, "Get a horse!" as they passed by!
Here is a funny joke from our lesson:
What do mechanics charge to change a flat tire?
I'll leave the answer in the comments, so as not to give it away!

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