Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day: Bats!

Today in our science curriculum, Exploring Creation Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, we learned some cool things about bats! We have been studying birds for 6 lessons and we were all surprised to see bats in Lesson 7! We learned that bats use echolocation to hunt for food and that their large ears are designed to by God to give them the ability to hear even the slightest sound. Here we are trying to hear with bat ears! We are trying to see if we could hear better with or without the cone.
During our Zoology lessons, I read to the boys and they have to explain in their own words what they have learned. Then, they write down everything they can remember about what they have learned and illustrate it. This is called notebooking! Here they are notebooking about microbats and megabats. Find Your Pup! A Mother bats recognize her baby (her pup) by his little squeal and by scent. So we did an activity to see what it is like for a mother bat to find her pup in a crowded nursery. The boys each had to locate their cotton ball by scent and each cotton ball had a different scent. It was hard to imagine if there were a million different smells! God gave bats an excellent sense of smell!
Today, we also worked on some Geography songs. We memorized South Asia!
And we worked on our memory verse. I have it listed on the right side of the page and I will use a darker green for the words we have memorized! And tonight the boys are off to bed early to read before "lights out!"