This is the title of Nathan and Dylan's Writing Strands assignment for this week. Earlier this week, we talked about where they would go or what they would do if they could do anything they wanted! It was hard for them to imagine not having any limitations. So, today we headed down to Brittain World Travel to see if I could find some materials to help them out. They were happy to load us up with a box of travel brochures and magazines that needed recycling and even a few new ones! The boys had fun pouring over the new information and quickly decided where they would go and what they would do! Nathan decided on a Caribbean Cruise and Dylan chose Disneyland. Their assignment was to write an outline to organize their thoughts and then write their story in past tense as if they had already gone on their trip. Then, they cut out pictures from the magazines to illustrate their story.

Here is Nathan's s story. When he gets home from P.E. (he and Dylan went to P.E. again today with a private school that their cousins attend- one of the benefits of having his dad teach the class!), we will discuss how he can improve his writing (grammar, spelling, handwriting, etc).

Jordan also worked on his Writing Strands. His lesson was called "How People Move When They Talk" and the skill he is working on is description. Over the course of several days, he learned how to punctuate dialogue, describe character's actions, and have his character's move as they talk together.
After working on Writing Strands for a week, the author recommends that children take a week off from writing and concentrate on reading and discussing ideas with their parents. . . so we do!