A few numbers:
1973 Dodge Sportsman
24 feet long
7 people
6 weeks.
This is what we called home this fall. Here he is pictured as an after thought - all the green is gone and Earl is winterized, but this little home was once busy with life and was a huge blessing! Jordy named the motorhome - he wanted a good "old" name and Earl fit the bill. Earl was a gift and when we were given it, we had no idea it would be our home. But, God knew! 4 days before we were due to close on our house, we thought we were packing for a road trip to find our dream homestead. We didn't make it very far - about 18 blocks! We were given an opportunity to stay, renovate and eventually rent an old house from the YMCA. Luke got to keep his dream job, I got a bigger house, and we are out of debt.
And we haven't given up our dream of having a homestead - we will homestead right here in town!