The Promised Land

We landed in Israel last week and are still there! Here is what we have been doing in the Promised Land. We:
  • Conducted a virtual field trip to Israel
  • Colored Israel's Flag
  • Completed a Map of Israel and its Neighbors
  • Worked on our Geography Songs for the Middle East
  • Compared and contrasted the weather/seasons in Israel
  • Learned about the flora and fauna in Israel
  • Read about the Negev desert
  • Learned about Israel's water problem
  • Sang a Hebrew song
  • Sang the Alephbet (the Hebrew Alphabet)
  • Made a notebooking page to learn the colors in Hebrew
  • Prepared and ate Jewish Israeli foods
  • Studied a Jewish Israeli holiday - Hanukkah
  • Listened to the Hatikvah - the Israeli National Anthem
  • Learned about the life of a Jewish Israeli family and compared/contrasted their observance of Torah
  • Compared and contrasted Biblical dietary laws verses eating "Kosher"
  • Discussed Sabbath keeping
  • Talked about the tallit (prayer shawl)
  • Made tzitzits/tassels (Read numbers 15)
  • Read about the Knesset, the role of the president and prime minister
  • Looked at and compared Israeli and American currency
  • Learned about the Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights and their role in the rumblings in the Middle East
  • Read the news at J Post and Arutz Sheva
  • Talked about the lunar calender
  • Studied the Biblical months and their Roman Calender approximate equivalent
  • Found out our birthdays on the Biblical calender
  • Talked about the Biblical Feasts and why they are important (the Feasts are a shadow of things to come and point to Jesus/Yeshua)
  • Celebrated the New Moon (a symbol of renewal) and blew the shofar (a friend blew the shofar for us - so beautiful!)
  • Talked about who Biblical Israel is (if you believe in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob (Israel) you are spiritual seed and heirs according to the promise!)
If you would like to to do a neat family study on Biblical Israel I recommend One Nation Under God: A Family Study of Biblical Israel. Here are some pics from our week: We made hand-print menorahs and used our fingerprint to light the candles. We made Potato Latkes and Falafel (Israeli Hamburgers made from chick peas). I made cucumber sauce to serve with the falafel over greens and hummus to serve on the side. Here is Jordan displaying the Talit (prayer shawl). Up close is the corner where the tzitzits are attached. The tzitzits are tassels that are worn on the corners of your garments according to numbers 15. Boys working on their flags and map. Tonight we will watch a Jewish movie - Fiddler on the Roof and make Petel (PEH-tel), a pink raspberry flavored soda! Delightful links: