Boat Trip to the Philippines

Today, we finished reading Race for the Record, a Trailblazer book, by Dave and Neta Jackson. We read about the struggles of missionary families getting the message of God translated into the tribal languages of the Palawanos people in the Philippines. The book centers around Joy Ridderhoff and her work in getting the "guid news" to remote tribes and the founding of Gospel Recordings. The boys had lots of questions, like, "What is betel leaf staining?" Here is a great image we found to answer their question! We did some more reading about the Philippines in our Geography text, and then we played a game called Pusa At Aso, which means "cat and dog" in the Filipino language of Tagalog. We are coming to the end of our travels in Asia. We will review our Geography songs tomorrow and take a test to see how many Asian countries we can remember. Then we will jet over to the Middle East (which is considered a part of Asia) and do a study on Israel before we head off to the "Land Down Under!" The boys are off to the YMCA for Homeschool P.E. and then floor hockey with the after school program. They did a lot of listening today. . . they are ready to get some energy out!