Bubble Fun

I, or rather "we", are having so much fun with Mali's preschool lessons! Here are some photos that I took of us playing with the bubbles from Mali's b lesson.

Here is Jordan's big bubble that he blew with his bare hands!

And here is a collage I made. Elli is blowing bubbles with her mouth, silly girl! She thought it was funny.

Just wanted to share some fun pics from our week.

I am working on getting some photos up to show the work we have been doing on the house these last few months. I need to scan the "before" pictures first. So, I will be sharing house pics soon!


  1. My Isaac and ZaraLayna got bubbles from their siblings for Hanukkah and they LOVE them!! Bubbles are always a hit! :)

  2. Isn't it great that something so simple is so great! I hope they have lots of fun with their bubbles!