A Visit to Japan

Today we visited "the land of the rising sun," or Nippon, as the Japanese call their country. The boys colored the flag of Japan, which has a red circle, or "rising sun" on a white background. They also worked on their Geography songs for Asia and colored some Japanese carp labeled with colors in Japanese. The carp is considered to be a strong and brave fish. On our visit to Japan, we explored some Japanese art forms: the writing of haiku and the art of paper folding, origami. A haiku is described as consisting of seventeen syllables organized into three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. To make it fun and simple for the boys, I had them write a "Who Am I" haiku, in which you have to guess who or what they are writing about! Who Am I?
by Jordan
I look like a horse.
I climb the hills of Asia.
I carry loads, too. Who Am I?
by Nathan
I am big and fat.
I have big feet and two tusks.
My color is grey. What Am I?
by Dylan
I am really big.
People come to stay in me.
I have a Starbucks. Leave us a comment, if you can solve their haiku riddles! Here is a picture of the origami elephants we made.
After reading that Japan is the world's leading automobile manufacturing country, we thought it would be fun to do an automobile lapbook. . . however, we have more ideas than time, so maybe tomorrow.

And guess what we are having for dinner? I hope you guessed rice, because that is the most common food in Japan and is served at almost every meal!


  1. Oh, how fun! You are too cool. My sister did some origami once.

    I noticed in your list of curriculum Explode the Code. I saw this at a home school store and am considering it. Is it good or no?

    For history, I'm buying the Mystery of History books.

  2. Tara, it is very good!

    I've heard good things about MOH. We will start biblical history this next year and I can't wait! We will be using Heart of Wisdom's "Adam to Messiah" as our main spine and Diana Warring's "History Revealed: Ancient Civilations and the Bible" as a supplement - they will tie nicely together. I also have a list of living books that will bring history alive. We will read the bible in chronological order and study what is going on with God's people in the bible as well as what is going on around them. And there is a wonderful hands on history kit that we will use for hands on activities. Did I say I can't wait? :-)