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A Visit to Japan

Today we visited "the land of the rising sun," or Nippon, as the Japanese call their country. The boys colored the flag of Japan, which has a red circle, or "rising sun" on a white background. They also worked on their Geography songs for Asia and colored some Japanese carp labeled with colors in Japanese. The carp is considered to be a strong and brave fish. On our visit to Japan, we explored some Japanese art forms: the writing of haiku and the art of paper folding, origami. A haiku is described as consisting of seventeen syllables organized into three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. To make it fun and simple for the boys, I had them write a "Who Am I" haiku, in which you have to guess who or what they are writing about! Who Am I?
by Jordan
I look like a horse.
I climb the hills of Asia.
I carry loads, too. Who Am I?
by Nathan
I am big and fat.
I have big feet and two tusks.
My color is grey. What Am I?
by Dylan
I am really big.
People come to stay in me.
I have a Starbucks. Leave us a comment, if you can solve their haiku riddles! Here is a picture of the origami elephants we made.
After reading that Japan is the world's leading automobile manufacturing country, we thought it would be fun to do an automobile lapbook. . . however, we have more ideas than time, so maybe tomorrow.

And guess what we are having for dinner? I hope you guessed rice, because that is the most common food in Japan and is served at almost every meal!