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Landing In China

Today we finished reading The Flight of the Fugitives, a Trailblazer book, by Dave and Netta Jackson. It is the story about Gladys Aylward who devoted her life to be a missionary in China. Reading about the ancient custom of foot-binding prompted lots of questions, so we googled some images to learn more about it. Reading the book was the highlight of our China lesson! We learned a lot about Chinese history and culture from the book! We also read fascinating facts about China. Did you know that it is a custom in China for a child to be considered one year old at birth? And 2 on their first birthday? This was interesting to me because I think a child should be 9 months old when they are born!
We learned that Chinese use characters to represent ideas and objects. We said numbers 1-10 in Mandarin Chinese and wrote math problems with Chinese numbers. We made colorful Chinese Lanterns.
We had a festive Chinese meal of pot-stickers and fried rice served with tea. We ate with chopsticks on bamboo plates. Jordan decorated and set the table and Nathan prepared the meal.
After lunch, the boys worked on memorizing the countries of Asia.
Friday is usually a catch up day, but we needed to catch up on our geography so we had a regular lesson. Nathan and Dylan had free time the rest of the day and Jordan had free time after he finished his math review from yesterday. Right now, the boys are looking forward to their rest day and are enjoying an old film - the Marx Brothers. . .I hear lots of giggles coming from the living room!