Hi, Mama!

Said with a big smile, bright eyes and arms stretched wide~ these are my favorite words to hear when I walk through the door. I may have only been gone for an hour, but she is always happy to see me return. It warms my heart. My boys are equally happy to see me return. I wasn't gone that long! But, I love it! It makes me a happy Mama to know that I am loved. It is cold this week so I am staying warm - at home! And I have watched Eliana's excitement when Daddy comes to the door. "Yay!" she says and runs, arms outstretched, to welcome Daddy home. I have taught her this. I think is important to welcome Daddy home with smiles - I just hadn't realized before that it was teaching her to welcome me too!

Yesterday, I asked her to get me something from the kitchen and she says "Yep!" willingly, then pauses, looks at me and says, "Please?" "Please," I say with a smile and she runs to the kitchen. I LOVE it!

We have had lots of fun with my digital camera since we got it. I have lots of requests from the littles to "take my picture!" Except as soon as I get ready to take a picture, Eliana wants to "see" before I get a chance to actually take her picture. She's not happy here as I told her to wait. Later, I showed her the picture of her crying and she said, "Crying." "Yes", I said, "You were sad." I want to her to help her understand what she is feeling so she can learn to recognize and express her emotions in a healthy way!


  1. So cute!!
    My kiddos all run out the door even on these really cold winter days when Daddy comes home. Theya re always so happy to see him! My oldest ones; even my 12 1/2 year old son Josiah runs to greet John when he gets home. I LOVE it too!! :):)

  2. There are days I feel just like Eli:) Love Lizzy