Stretchy, Rubbery, Bouncy Fun

It's funny. It's putty. It's Funny Putty! This is our most favorite stretchy, rubbery, bouncy concoction from the The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions! And this is what we did for science today!

We made this for a preschool project for Malachi and the older boys could not resist getting in on the fun. Here is what we used:

We started with the basic ingredients pictured on the left, liquid starch and Elmer's glue. Food coloring is a pretty addition. We did not have any, so we used liquid bluing (an alternative to bleach for whitening whites). The bluing worked nicely and gave it a pretty blue color!

Here is what we did:

We poured 2 Tbs. white glue into a paper bowl. Then added a couple drops of coloring (bluing). We stirred until it was mixed. Then, we slowly poured this into 1 Tbs. of liquid starch in bowl #2 . Then we let it sit for 5 minutes while the glue absorbed the liquid starch.
Five minutes later, we picked the putty up and kneaded it. The book says, "Note: At first this mixture may look as if it is a mistake, but it isn't. The more you knead the putty, the better consistency it will be." I am so glad they added that note! It looked like a slimy mess!

Here is the finished funny putty!

We rolled it into a ball and bounced it! We flattened it and blew giant bubbles with it! We stretched it! Well, "we" did more with it than I approved of! This is me, "No sticking it in each other's hair! No seeing if it sticks to the ceiling! No bouncing it off the walls! Sit at the table and play nicely with it!" After playing, the putty was safely stored away a zip lock bag. . . until next time!
Here is a link to the Kid Concoction Homepage for inspiration, fun ideas, and even a Concoction of the Month.