Unlock Your Child's Potential with UnLock Math | Review

UnLock Pre-Algebra
I knew that whatever program I decided to use for high school, it would be a good idea to use the same Pre-Algebra program to ensure a successful transition from middle school math to high school math. I have a set of high school math books sitting on my shelves that I had planned to use, but after trying UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math, I'm not so sure anymore!

UnLock Pre-Algebra

From Home School to Public School: 5 Things I Wish I Would Have Done

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Done Going from Home School to Public School

Making the decision to home school over public school can be a tough choice for many families. But, for some, choosing to place your kids in public school after homeschooling can be equally challenging. If you homeschool and are considering public school, you may be asking yourself a lot of questions.

Whitslefritz, French for Kids | Review

Whistlefritz is a delightful program to teach French (or Spanish) to children from ages one to seven. It stars Marie, a little mouse who whistles, and real children speaking French. It is adorable, and I'm happy to share my review of the Educator's French Collection.

As you can see, it looks cute, colorful, and fun, and it is!

Learning Latin is Easy with Prima Latina! | Review

Did you know that over half of our English words come from Latin? Latin words are abundant in our English language and studying Latin can be a very effective way to learn English grammar! Memoria Press offers a wonderful introduction to a classical Christian education with a program that is designed for students in the 1st through 4th grade who are fluent readers. 

We received the Prima Latina Complete Set which covers the basic parts of speech of English grammar while introducing Latin vocabulary and grammar in a very easy and gentle way. If you have ever been intimidated by teaching Latin (raises hand!), then this program is for you!

Learning Latin is Easy with Prima Latina!

A Plan to Deal With My Worst Days


Sick kids. Sick mama. We all have bad days, but do we ever plan to have a bad day? One of my assignments during the Homeschool Rescue course that I took recently was to make a plan to deal with my worst days.

We have a list of things we do when we are under the weather, but most of our effort goes towards healing and comfort. I don't mind when the children are sick. I can love on them, take care of them, and read to them, but when I am down, it's harder.

So, I wrote down a list of things that I do when I'm not feeling well emotionally or physically, or if I'm just plain overwhelmed and burnt out. It was nice to have them down on paper and actually give myself permission to follow this plan.

In the Homestretch with All About Spelling Level 7 | Review

All About SpellingAll About Learning Press has been a part of our homeschool for the past 6 years. My 12 year old, Malachi, started with Level 1 at age 6 in the 1st grade, and has completed all the books from 1 to 6, doing one level per school year. I have love teaching this program and he has loved learning with it.

We finished Level 6 this spring, but he's such a great speller now that I debated whether or not we should do All About Spelling Level 7. The last few levels have been easy for him, so I thought that All About Spelling had worked itself out of a job. But, then I took a closer look at Level 7, and I knew I wanted him to finish strong.

Our Mess-free Experience With Thin Stix | Review

Who: The Pencil Grip, Inc.
What: Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors
Why: To see if these solid tempera paint Thin Stix really look and feel like paint.
Where: Available at retailers like Amazon and Toys R Us.


I've seen a lot of bloggers rave about the Kwik Stix, so I was curious to try the Thin Stix to see if these really look and feel like paint.

My Homeschool Journal | May 2017

In my life this month…
  • we have had a busy spring soccer season, but the end is very near and life will slow down a little. 
  • we are cleaning and rearranging the house for a walk-through/inspection (our first since we moved into this rental 8 years and 8 months ago). 
  • Nathan is graduating from high school this month. 

Love Letters from God Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart | Book Review

Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart is a sweet collection of stories from the Bible for and about girls.

Love Letters from God - Bible Stories for a Girl's Heart

Written by Glenys Nellist and published by Zonderkidz, it is 32 pages in length and printed on glossy pages and in full color. It is a beautiful hard cover book with a matching dust jacket.

There are 14 stories in all. Each story is on a two page spread with appealing illustrations, a Bible verse, and a lift-the-flap "love letter from God."

Captain Absolutely | Review

Captain Absolutely Defending Truth, Justice, and Lots more Truuuth! is a juvenile comic book by Focus On The Family.

The comic book is colorful and printed on glossy pages throughout (not newsprint like I think of when I think of comic books), with black outlined boxes, classic speech bubbles of various shapes and sizes, and plenty of whams, whaps, slams, splats, thuds, and pows to draw your child into the comic book world.

Homeschool Rescue | Review

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue
Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity is an online course designed to help you "breathe new life into your homeschool."

This course is for any mom, dad, or homeschool parent or teacher who needs a new perspective and a fresh start.

Looking Back on Our Year of Learning with Little House

It has been a very full year learning with the Little House on the Prairie books! This post is to organize all my posts so they are easy to find. 

IEW High School Essay Intensive | Review

Who: Institute for Excellence in Writing

What: High School Essay Intensive, Second Edition

When: Grades 9-12

Why: To review composition skills, to prepare your student for the essay portion of the ACT/SAT, and to guide your student through the process of the Personal Essay.

How much: $79.00

Do you have a high school student bound for college? Have they taken the ACT yet? Have you thought about how to prepare them for taking the ACT or SAT?

These Happy Golden Years, The First Four Years, & Farmer Boy | Prairie Primer

The majority of our time with these books was spent in reading and discussion, so I'm sharing this post for the sake of documenting that we have completed these units in The Prairie Primer. :)

These Happy Golden Years

ArtAchieve Level III | Review


ArtAchieve provides unique online art lessons inspired from art around the world. The lessons, which are available in five different levels for a variety of ages and skill, are designed to help students achieve success and make cross curricular connections with art.

The lessons are available individually, but the Entire Level III is bundled together for $58.50 for a one year license. Level III is designed for ages 9 and up, so I chose to use this with my 10 year old daughter, Eliana.

The Secret Bridge | A LampLighter Book Review

Lamplighter Publishing

The Secret Bridge is a beautiful book from Lamplighter Publishing that had me captivated from the very first chapter because the story was charming and begged to be read.

Week in the Life | April 17th through April 23rd

You guys, this week was the worst week ever to do a week in the life! But, I went ahead and did it. Because I did not feel well ALL week, there was no way I could have uploaded photos and written a post at the end of each day last week, so here I am sharing a week later.

I'm using Rhonna Collage to make all my collages (the same collages I make for my Currently posts). They are so easy to make that I'll probably print them in 12x12 sheets, stick them in my Project Life album, and call it good.

My inspiration for this week's project is Ali Edwards. I had intended to buy her Week in the Life kit, but life hit me like a train this week and I was hard pressed to even get 8 photos a day. So, while my past weeks in the life have been more photographic and detailed, this week will be brief.

I had little spurts of energy here and there, but I felt terrible all week. I was warned this would happen when I started the MTHFR protocol, but man, it hit me hard this week with flu like symptoms, dizziness, a strange rash, headaches, and insomnia. It just really didn't feel like a productive week, but now that I look back on it, we still accomplished all that I had hoped to, and for that I am thankful and hope you will join me the next seven days for a week in our life. ♥

SpeedyPrep | Review

SpeedyPrep is an online Clep Test preparation service that offers an online monthly subscription to prepare you for the test. If you pass the test (testing cost to be paid by you), you can earn college credit at home.


Readers in Residence Volume 1 (Sleuth) | Review

Written for 4th through 6th grade students, Readers in Residence Volume 1 (Sleuth) is a brand new reading curriculum from Apologia Educational Ministries and Debra Bell.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Week 1 | FI♥AR with Bo


"Once upon a time there were four little rabbits and their names were --
                                                                   and Peter."

Homeschool Journal | April 2017

In my life this month…

I am feeling energy and excitement for spring, enjoying the rainy days, and soaking in the sunshine when it graces us with its presence.

I got my genetic test results back and have answers to most if not all of my health concerns. I am on the path to healing and may attain it sooner rather than later, praise God! My healing word for the year was only mentioned in passing when I wrote my homeschool journal in January, but healing has consumed most of my thoughts and actions over the past three months, and I'm excited to actually be on the path to healing with the information that I now have.

I've resigned myself to accept some things won't change, and I feel peace and even joy at having released these things into Heavenly Father's hand.

In our homeschool this month…

Shepherd, Potter, Spy-- and the Star Namer | Book Review

Peggy Consolver - Author has written a meaty read for a 12 year old boy, like my son Malachi, in what turned out to be an exciting book about a young boy who loves adventure. He tackled this 375 page paperback book with enthusiasm.

Set during the late Bronze Age in the land of Canaan just as the Israelites are beginning their conquests of the Promised Land, Shepherd, Potter, Spy--and the Star Namer is a historical fiction book based on this time period.

Staying Connected Through Grass Sandals | by Crystal Clark

Every year, as our Japanese American friends head to Japan for a few weeks, we row one of the beautiful Five in a Row books about Japan to stay connected with them on their journey.

The first year, we rowed Grandfather's Journey and mainly talked about family trees. We made a big family tree on the wall and Ezra who was 6 years old at the time, was certain that our Japanese friends were part of our family and came up with the most beautiful explanation for our different heritage.

Creating a Masterpiece | Review

How would you like your student to work alongside a master artist to produce fine art projects? With a Monthly Plan from Creating a Masterpiece, you can!
Creating a Masterpiece
Creating a Masterpiece is an online art program taught by Sharon Hofer who believes any student can produce a masterpiece, even at a young age. Her method of teaching inspires students to not only learn technique, but also achieve outstanding results using a variety of media.

Little Nino's Pizzeria | FI♥AR with Bo

 - Boaz is 6 years old-

We love Playmobil in our home. They are timeless quality toys that inspire hours of imaginary play and bring joy to my children. I buy Playmobil online directly from the company, but I wait for a 20% off coupon to order, and I put them up once they come to save for birthdays, special occasions, and even school. So, I couldn't resist the Pizza Baker and Pizzeria to go along with Little Nino's Pizzeria

A Delicious Meal for We're Going on a Bear Hunt | by Crystal Clark

As a Mama of four hungry little boys, meal planning is my best friend. That, combined with a love of the Five in a Row curriculum, and we tend to get adventurous combining school time and cooking with each boy taking one day a week to be the "lead" chef.

Eclectic Foundations Language Arts | Review

"A solid foundation is crucial to an excellent education," according to Eclectic Foundations who uses old fashioned textbooks from the 1800s and early 1900's, such as McGuffey's Eclectic Reader, First Lessons in English by Thomas Harvey, and Word Mastery by Florence Akin, to teach Language Arts.

All of these books are available online, but the company merges them into their Language Arts curriculum for an open and go program that covers reading, phonics, handwriting, grammar, poetry, and writing in an easy to use program with a Biblical worldview.

So, will Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level B provide my child with a solid foundation?

Homeschool Journal | March 2017

In my life this month…

My currently post sums up my life this past month.

This month brings spring soccer which is my husband's busiest work season. On top of programming, referring games, and managing coaches, refs, and volunteers, he will also be coaching Eliana's team. Bo is doing Little Kickers on Fridays, and Malachi is doing the Jr. High league.

In our homeschool this month…

Katy and the Big Snow | FI♥AR with Bo

-Bo is 6 years old-

Proverbs 31:17 says, “She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” We decided that was a good verse for Katy in Katy and the Big Snow when we first rowed it. She works hard to plow the city so the city officials can do their jobs. She goes North, South, East and West to shovel each department out. . .

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