Around and back on the railroad track . . .

. . .Two, Two, Two!

Elli is 2!

Elli's birth name means, "My God has answered" and her name is a daily reminder to me that He hears my prayers. My pregnancy and Elli's birth were special because they were a time of growing in faith as I trusted the Father to guide me through my own prenatal care and observation and deliver her unassisted at home. I truly believe the hands of Yahveh brought this baby girl into this world and He, Himself, breathed on her the breath of life! And I am reminded of how thankful I am that He hears and answers!

Here she is as a wee little one!

And here she is at 2.

Some things about Elli:

  • She folds her hands and prays with us when we pray and says the cutest "Amen."

  • She has a sweet disposition.

  • She is a "little mama" and loves to play babies.

  • She can say her ABC's to the letter G.

  • She can count to 4 most the time and to 6 some of the time.

  • She likes to "do school."

  • She likes her picture taken, but likes to see the pics more.

  • She is still nursing and says, "nursy please" when she wants to nurse.

  • Daddy is the best at getting her to sleep!

  • She likes to hold Daddy's hand when he is getting her to sleep.

  • She is Daddy's princess.

  • She still likes to blow kisses.

  • She is talking a lot and has a quite the vocab.

  • She is saying complete sentences some of the time.

  • She can use the potty (she has been regularly since she was 18 months old) but is not completely trained yet. As of today, I am officially not using sposies during the day - only cloth diapers if we are out and nothing when we are home. I will use sposies at night, but not naptime - during which I just lay her on a pink pad. She is more than ready because when she does not have a diaper on she will use the potty all by herself! I will soon be officially diaper-free for the first time in 4 years!

  • She was born at 11:54 PM, so technically her birthday would be tomorrow (the next day begins at sunset).

  • Her birth day on the Hebrew calendar is Shevat 4, 5767 which would mean her birthday would be on January 29th this year.

A good friend said daughters are the reflection of thier mother (I can see how this could be true- she mimics everything I do!) and my prayer is that I would reflect the Father's love and see it blossom in her.

Thank you, Father, for Your wonderful gift to us!