Tot School ~ Edible Play Dough

~Eliana is currently 24 months old~
"Picture me!" she says. "You want me to take a picture of you?" "Yes! Do school." She is so funny! She is coloring in Malachi's Get Ready for the Code book in the top pictures and you can tell she is waiting for me to take her picture. Then she is saying, "See picture!" She is purposely not looking because I always tell the boys, "No posing!" (I like natural shots best. :-) Her brother, Dylan, has been wanting to do some kitchen concoctions so I asked him if he would make peanut butter with Eliana for Tot School. They made it by putting peanuts in the blender and adding a little olive oil and blending it until smooth and creamy. Then they made edible play dough with it! They used 1 cup of brown sugar (the recipe called for 2 cups, but I thought that was a bit much) 1/2 cup peanut butter, and 2 tablespoons of wheat germ (we added a bit more to make it a workable consistency). She loved it! She had as much fun playing with it as she did eating it! (By the way, this could be tried with other nuts to make a nut butter edible play dough!)
We have already found a new edible dough recipe that we want to try for this week. :-) Malachi has been studying the letter M for preschool, so we are helping him make music from homemade musical instruments. If you are interested in how we made our instruments, you can check out my Tot Tools post to see how we made them. You can tell she liked the red drum the best!
We also played a simplified version of musical chairs. My little ones are not familiar with this game, so we learned how to sit when the music stops. We were not ready to really play (removing a chair was not an option at this point!). Eliana had just as much fun hopping into the chair when the music stopped! Be sure to check out some more Tot School posts for more ideas!