Our First Tot School!

~Eliana is currently 23 months old~

Eliana is my little helper everywhere I go, so I spend lots of time with her doing things around the house, such as cooking, doing dishes, laundry etc. I play games with her and interact with her while we work together. For instance, when we are folding laundry or getting dressed, we play, "Where is it?" It
is like a game of hide and seek.


She loves it! And it is especially fun when she is the one hiding!

 Elli is such a little "mama" and loves babies! Even when they are not her babies! Here she is at a friends house playing blocks with the baby!


 She is such a good little "mama."

 She loves playing with the cardboard blocks. She stacks them up just so she can kick them down! You can tell she has 4 big brothers!


 They enjoy playing "Ring Around the Rosie" with her. She loves it! She is saying "Yay!" as she claps.

 I think the boys (especially Nathan) do more "Tot School" with her at this point. When I need a free hand, they will play with her for me. She still wants me most of the time (she is still nursing) so we do "Mommy" things together and that is teaching her something important! But, I think we need some more "Elli" things that we can do together! :) I'll be checking out some Tot School posts for ideas!


  1. Oh she is adorable!!! So glad you linked up to Tot School!
    ;) Carisa

  2. Glad to see another new person posted on tot school with me this week. I am sure you will get lots of good ideas from all the other posts. I know they have helped me get back into a creative mode so I probably will have more ideas of my own to share soon.