Why I Love Homeschooling - From A Child's Perspective

Why do you love being homeschooled? From Heart of the Matter {Online}, "Have your child write, or narrate for the youngest set, their thoughts. Not only will it be an interesting record of this period in their lives, but it can serve as a great encouragement to both teacher and student on the inevitable tough days that come up throughout the year."

Why I Love Being Homeschooled: 

 by Nathan age 10 “I love homeschool because I can bust on schoolwork and be done before lunch unlike other schools that get done at 3:00. In homeschool we get to do hands-on activities where in subjects like science we have a speculation sheet, where we tell where we guess what is going to happen and why. We also have a checklist of subjects we have to accomplish and I receive a star if I get done with school by the end of the day. If I get five stars then I get a prize. When I need help my mom is right there to help me. My favorite three subjects are my memory verse for the day, my italic handwriting, and science.”

by Dylan age 8 “I love homeschool because it’s a lot funner than public school. We get to do fun crafts and experiments. It’s cool because we are able to get ahead and get done fast. We are not stuck with a bunch of homework. We can get done in whatever time we want and it depends on how hard we work. The fun part is that we can get stars from them. If we get 5 stars we get a prize. We also can get 10 stars and get a bigger prize. For science and geography, we get to do fun experiments and crafts, like we made an ocean box for science. My mom makes fun sheets for us. We get to color and write down everything we remember. My favorite subject is science."

by Jordan age 12 "My favorite thing about homeschool is that we can work hard and get done early. And you can learn a lot in a short amount of time. And we can include our faith in school. And most of all, we can get ahead and take a break.

 I knew why I loved it so much, but it was good to hear what they like about it! I think it would be fun to do this again in a year to see how they change.