It's A Hot Chocolate Day

If you can imagine coats, mittens, hats, snow pants, and boots scattered across the living room floor, then you have a glimpse of what it was like getting ready to go sledding as each child poured through the hall tree bench to find their "stuff." We somehow managed to get everyone outfitted with winter gear and layers of clothes. I even stuffed an almost 24 month Elli into a 12 month snowsuit. Her boots helped make up the difference! This was a lot of work - especially because this was our first sledding jaunt this winter.

With cold toes and fingers and rosy cheeks, we pulled in front of our house a couple hours later with a sleeping Mali and Elli, who had fallen asleep on the short trip home. Ten minutes later, there was another pile of winter gear strewn about the entry way as everyone unloaded and agreed that, "That was fun!"

That was yesterday, and I think hills of snow and fresh air are contagious. The boys just came in from digging tunnels in the snow with their friends. One thing is for sure - these memories will last long after the snow melts!

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