Making Soft Cheese

We decided to do lifeskills with our Hebrew lessons on Wednesdays, so here we are making cheese with my friends Jaci and Melissa. Jaci showed the kids how to use vinegar or lemon juice to curdle the milk. And Melissa talked to the kids about what an acid and a base are and how vinegar (an acid) is used to curdle the milk (a base). She had them do a litmus test to determine the acidity of vinegar. It turned the paper bright red - an acidity of 1. Then she talked about what chemistry is. After the milk curdled, it was poured into a piece of muslin cloth and then wrapped so the whey could drain out.

When it was drained, we had a soft cheese! We seasoned it with garlic salt and dill and served it with crackers. It was yummy!


  1. This is awesome! I would love to try this. What did it taste like?

  2. Meg, it had a very mild taste. I wonder if it becomes stronger in flavor if it pressed and then aged? Not sure, but I am excited to be learning! I think it would make a great cheese for a salad or to eat as a snack.