Hebrew Lesson 4

Shalom and Chodesh Tov! We had a new moon last night, so today is a brand new month on the Hebrew calender.
We started our lesson today by singing the alephbet. We continued with our alephbet practice, added two new vowel points (/u/ as in blue and /o/ as in yellow) and practiced reading by combining letters and vowels to make our own made up words. I had the kids write with invisible ink (lemon juice) and then had them trade papers to transliterate. To make the invisible ink visible, we put them in front of a heat source; however, the lemon juice did not turn brown like it was supposed to. They thought it was fun, but it would have been cooler if it had worked. Then we played Around the World with Hebrew flash cards. I think this game will help motivate the boys to diligently practice their letters, vowel points and vocabulary words!
Some "Greetings and Farewells" vocabulary words we learned today:
Chodesh tov - good month (renewal)
Shavu'a tov - good week
Shana tova - good year
Laila tov - good night
Boker tov - good morning
Barucha ha'ba'a - welcome (to a female)
Baruch haba - welcome (to a male)
Bruchim ha'ba'im - welcome (plural)