Hebrew Lesson 2

We have been working on writing and recognizing the letters of the Hebrew alephbet. This week we started working on the Alphabet Practice Pages from Hebrew for Christians. They are a great tool! And today, we played Alephbet Bingo! It was great to see the kids getting some of the letters! Others they had to look up. I think it was great practice! We also sang the alephbet and I think they are getting it. Next week, I will try to include a clip of them singing. Then they practiced reading the letters and sounds they have learned and played a game to see who could remember the vocabulary words we learned last week. I wrote the directional vocabulary words on 3x5 cards and taped them on the wall where they should go (North on the North wall, etc). I think this helped them alot!
This week, we will continue working on the Alphabet Practice Pages and work on the Alephbet flashcards I made.