M is for Malachi

ABC Book:

This is the first time Malachi has attempted to write his name! I can see that we need to work on this! He circled some of the letters instead of tracing them!

Memory Verse: 

From Sing the Word A-Z Marvel not that I said, Marvel not that I said, Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. John three verse seven.

  Story Time:
  Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey The Mitten by Jan Brett

  Poems: From A Child's Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson Marching Song

  Fun Songs: 

The Magnet Song (Sung To:" I'm A Little Teapot") I'm a little magnet can't you see Anything metal comes right to me. If it is not metal you will see. It just will not stick to me.

Make Milkshake Mustaches

We made homemade milkshakes - vanilla works the best!
Make Musical Instruments 
We made our own musical instruments! Check out my Tot Tools 1 post to see what we did.
  Make Music!

We used these for praise and worship one Sabbath and the kids loved it! They love making joyful music and it made them feel a part of it!

  Musical Chairs (Sort of)

My little ones are not familiar with this game, so we learned how to sit when the music stops. We were not ready to really play (removing a chair was not an option at this point!). Malachi and his sister had just as much fun hopping into the chair when the music stopped. We will have to play this a few more times before we bring the older kids in and teach them what happens when you don't sit on a chair when the music stops.

  Memory Mittens

I cut die cut mitten shapes out of different colored scrapbook paper, glued them to a piece of card stock to make a mitten memory game.

  Get Ready for the Code Activities:

There were more pages this lesson because each lesson builds on previous lessons. We took a week to review letters without picking up the book. Then Malachi took two weeks to complete the lessons. So far we have learned the letters f, b, and m. The first part of the lesson introduces the letter m followed by review where he has to name the picture, circle the letter that makes the sound at the beginning of the word, and then write the letter on the line. Each review requires more independence. I am teaching, but not emphasizing correct form at this point. I don't even make him do all the writing, unless he chooses to do so. I will focus on correct form more in Kindergarten, but for right now I want him to have fun, recognize letters and learn their sounds. While working on the page pictured in the bottom right hand corner above, Malachi had to circle the letters that matched the letter at the beginning of the row. If you look at it closely, you will see that he was making every letter a b so that he could circle them all! Ha ha, that cracked me up! He did that in a couple other rows, including the bottom one where he made the N into an M. I thought that was pretty cute. . . however, now he makes it a point to be silly when completing the pages and I have to ask him to work nicely!

  Science: Magnetic Attraction

We collected some different objects made of different materials to find out which ones a magnet attracts. We sang the Magnet Song and explained that a magnet will stick to anything that is metal.

  Magnetic Fishing

Catch fish using a magnet. We started by making our own fishing rod and paper fish. Slid a paperclip onto each fish. Attached a magnet to the string on the end of a homemade fishing pole. The magnet picked up the fish when Malachi went fishing! I explained that the metal in the paper clip sticks to the magnet just like in our experiment above.
Mucky Muck

This mysterious concoction, from The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions, turns a liquid into a solid and back again! We mixed 3/4 cup cornstarch, 1/3 cup water, and 5-7 drops food coloring. We mixed water and food coloring in a small bowl and slowly added cornstarch to mixture, but did not stir! We let the mixture stand for 2-3 minutes. Then picked up a handful and squeezed the muck until it formed a hard ball. When we opened our hands, the muck will turn from a solid ball back into a liquid!

  Art: Magnetic Painting 

We used magnets, nuts and bolts and other metal objects from our Magnetic Attraction Experiment to paint with! We took a piece of paper and taped the paper to a dish. We dipped the metal objects into paint and placed them on Malachi's paper. I had him hold the magnet under the dish and move the objects around to paint with it (our table is too thick for the magnet to work so we used the dish to make this project to work).

  Math: Measure Me 

I measured Malachi on our measuring board! I showed him feet and inches and explained how to use the feet and the inches to measure his height. He is 3 feet 3 and 3/4 inches!

  Mitten Match

I cut out mitten shapes from patterned scrapbooking paper then cut them in two pieces. I scrambled them let Malachi find the correct matches. Check out the Preschool Corner for more Preschool ideas!

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  1. The magnet painting looks like so much fun!! :) What a great idea!